IGN: Red Dead Redemption: Quick Reload

IGN writes: "Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption is a big game. If you've been following along with our coverage, you'll notice the initial preview and parts one and two of our interview with Dan Houser have been anything but brief. Maybe you didn't want to wade through that sea of text to get at the meat of what Redemption is, why it's interesting, and why you should keep an eye on it as its expected release date of sometime this fall approaches.

In this article, we'll deliver a more digestible outline of what the game is and how it works".

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Myst3809d ago

I'm sold on this game, lookings very interesting and will say right now that it will more than likely be a first day purchase for me IF possible. If not then more than likely next day or at least until next paycheck depending on circumstances.


So far, I know I have blind faith, but I mean look at the pedigree, and its the WILD WEST BABY.

I'm excited if you couldn't tell.

Lots of good games coming out. Gonna be a lot of broke people this 09

Myst3809d ago

Heh, don't know about breaking the bank open as it will start a snowball effect this whole summer. Break it open for one game I'll have a debt that will amount to the cost of another PS3 system by the time summer is over!

Though I will agree this game has me sold, reminds me of Red Dead Revolver, and mainly it's the western aspect that has me sold (dad has had me hooked on it since I was young).

I agree with the broken part, but hey if we can't get the games now at least we will know that the games will at least be out there for purchase when people do have the funds to get the game.

DominusRebellis3809d ago

Trust me. I saw the commercial on Spike TV after Deadly Warriors today and this game is a 100% buy!

DanSolo3809d ago

Yeah I have to say this is fast becoming my most wanted game. A couple of weeks ago I was in a wait and see frame of mind about it, but after reading a few previews of what the game will be like I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it.