Resolution: Is emulation piracy?

Resolution writes: "Sure, it can be argued that emulation steals profits from Nintendo's Virtual Console, but it can also be argued that emulation has introduced a new fan base to games that they otherwise never would have played. And besides, Nintendo has released Pinball over Earthbound on the VC. Why would they ever translate great titles like Just Breed and Mother, let alone release them?"

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Yi-Long3810d ago

.. I just know I'd love to be able to play all the old classics again, fully functional on a good PC connected to a nice TV.

I really should look into the whole 'emulation scene'. When I was in Hong Kong last summer I visited an Arcade which had cabinets where you could choose from hundreds of games to play, like the SF games and all that, and something like that would be sweet to have in my home.

Personally I don't really consider it piracy. Many of the classic games I've already bought on the older systems once before. I feel it's a shame that developers are now re-selling these games again for 8-12 bucks orso. It should be much much cheaper.