Greg Miller became the 1st Person to get the Platnium trophy in inFAMOUS

Just announced that Greg Miller has become the first person to earn a Platinum Trophy in inFAMOUS.

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ToastyMcNibbles3810d ago

greg's the man haha he really enjoys inFAMOUS doesnt he? ahh the wait is killing me and that black/red lightning is tempting me

Unbiased13810d ago

Yes he is the man and he is very funny on podcast Beyond

talltony3810d ago

Im kinda glad about this because after hearing this it sounds like the platinum is not impossible to get. ANother platinum for me for sure.

Buttons3810d ago

Then again, I probably suck too much to go for Platinum in anything, lol.

staub913810d ago

Curse you Greg Miller....

Off topic

I'm now forming a list with everybody on Earth named Greg Miller with their address. I will individually hunt them down until I can steal THE Greg Miller's copy.

hazeblaze3810d ago

Lucky BASTARD!!! He was swearing he was going to get the platinum too, lol. He really did it... I've yet to get a platinum :-(... Going back through Uncharted now tho & plan to get one for Infamous as well!

Bnet3433810d ago

I never got excited for this game at all, but now that I am reading about it more and more, I must say, it's starting to rub off on me. I will wait for the demo on the 21st. It doesn't help that I am currently a broke ass mofo. :(

Tito Jackson3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )


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LarVanian3810d ago

Lol well thats not fair. I mean the rest of the world has to wait another two weeks for the game while Greg has been playing it for the past month. But oh well what can you do?

40cal3810d ago

I'm just happy to be playing the demo and this guy is done, 100%, finished with the game. Lucky bastard.

MazzingerZ3810d ago

That's not the point, the point is that it tells you how good the game is, if he was eager to put that much time on the game is because it was fun...I don't think he did that for a N4G headline :)

GiantEnemyCrab3810d ago

Wow, what an accomplishment when it's not even out for %99 of people who game.

It's like a one man track meet and at the end you pat yourself on the back because you came in first.


ViRaL-3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

That xbox 360 lead hmm..

lokiroo4203810d ago


Now that was good!

thebudgetgamer3810d ago

that has nothing to do woth this.

but yea i wish i had the game a month sooner. who am i kidding i probably still wouldnt get it


Delive3810d ago

Since you put it that way, it got a good laugh out of me.

Hey Sony, how about a firmware update to say how long it took to get a platinum as far as game play hours. That way, we all have a chance to upstage this guy and write a post in all caps bragging how it took us 25 game play hours and it took him 36. (Just numbers, I have no idea how long it took.)

GiantEnemyCrab3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

haha, PS3 fanbois trying to bait me... not falling for that.

Here is your third place ribbon. =)

@3.6: lol, and that ribbon will last you a good 10 years. ;)

thebudgetgamer3810d ago

but i bet it will be the best third place ribbon ever made.


HDgamer3810d ago

You should stop bating in public.

3810d ago
Bnet3433810d ago

He isn't being a douchebag or a fanboy. He is right. The guy got a review copy ahead of everyone else. It's like running a race against yourself and it's not a time trial. Where's the accomplishment in that.

orakga3810d ago

Getting the Platinum was indeed commendable.

BUT, bragging about "world's first!" was not.

thebudgetgamer3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

what was wrong the track thing or his rebutal to viral going way off topic to create friction?

edit: wtf were taking twitter posts as news now?


KwietStorm3810d ago

That was one of the best comebacks I've ever read on this fanboy filled site. I couldn't even laugh. I almost felt like I was the one you smacked in the mouth.

thebudgetgamer3810d ago

fair enough. but you did go after one way harder then the other

rockleex3810d ago

The 360 isn't even in first place although it started the race ahead of the PS3 and Wii. ^_^

And the PS3 has been running at a faster pace than the 360.

GiantEnemyCrab3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Come on people! Have a laugh about it! ViRaL- threw out a zinger and I had a little jab back at him. Give the console war a rest for funks sake.

3810d ago
thebudgetgamer3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

and i can watch every episode on my ps3 through my 1080p tele. o wait were done with that.


TheRealSpy023810d ago

what kinda fruity little fanboy comment was that?

grow up.

and try to stay on topic.

@crab: i guess if there was a reward for being first, we should care. but since this is the first any of us heard there was a competition (apparently), i don't think it's anything to focus on.

one thing's for sure about this year... you can tell we're in a slump for quality gaming. infamous is all anyone is talking about. so much so that there are 60 comments about some guy who got a trophy in an unreleased game.

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Glyn_Dwr3810d ago

Can't be too hard then :P

cmrbe3810d ago

i knew he liked the game but i didn't know he liked it this much lol!.