Team Fortress 2 Meets Super Smash Bros

What happens when you give a machinima artist an idea to mix Team Fortress 2 with Super Smash Bros?

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Fullish3813d ago

Haha nice, although was kinda hoping for the Smash characters to appear :D

iseven3813d ago

i think Jigglypuff is in there for a split second

solidxz3813d ago

This may be the single greatest thing I've ever seen on the internet.

squee3813d ago

i can only imagine the types of items and stages this game would have XD

nothere3813d ago

Mirrored and repetitive :D

Cheeseknight283813d ago

Yes, non-mirrored stages in a team-based shooter would be very fair.

Hudahudahuda3813d ago

TF2 is pretty much the SSBB of PC shooters.

Fun game and great characters to use.

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