Puberty time is killing time!

Dieter from Lazygamer shares his opinion about the underage gamers we have to deal with on Live and PSN

"Wow, what a long day at work. Now I get to go home, open up a beer, power up the old console and abruptly get slaughtered by Timmy the 16 year old in a fit of his pubescent rage. Nice!

That's exactly what I was looking forward to while my boss shouted at me and shoved more work down my throat. Aren't you guys and gals tired of trying to have a nice gaming session only to constantly have to listen to these 10 to 13 year olds shout at you over their headpieces to cover them or get the Warthog? Is there no decency anymore? Is the Mature gaming world not sacred anymore? I believe that our games have an ESRB rating for a reason!" ~ Dieter

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SinnedNogara3807d ago

I don't really mind little kids playing M rated games. I actually support it (unless it is REALLY inappropriate). I don't want my little brother to be clueless when he is 12. I certainly wasn't. Either that or maybe it is because I live in New Mexico! Who knows??

Reshun3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I think it's rare to find annoying kids in a game like this where it's all about cooperation. On the other hand, where it's all about competition in a shoot out parade, that's where you're typical immature adults/kids are.

Comparing 2 servers back in Socom 2 for PS2.

U.S. East -
After the game in the lobby: You guys suck/PWNED/Noobs/WTF/This team sucks/Lagging XXXXXes or the occasional "Good game".

Asia -
After the game in the lobby: Good job/Good game/Well played/Wow that was nice or any other form of compliments in their native language.

beeeffess3807d ago

Not much of an online player.

First time I played CoD: WaW online. Some 12 year old pretty much called everyone else who talked, gay.

"there's a snipe---"

"shut the f*** up, queer"

This went on throughout the whole match.

SinnedNogara3807d ago

OK, that would be annoying. Block him, report him.

You see, that is when kids are annoying.

beeeffess3807d ago

Usually what I do anyway. But there's so many of those annoying kids.

Phantom_T3807d ago

Kicking thirteen year old kids around shooting games as they try and smack-talk you back,only to die again, screamo-rage at you and leave the game.
I dunno,it just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside,knowing that I'm probably doing a better parenting job than the spoilt whiny brats actual parents.

Shaka2K63807d ago

That's why you stay away from xbox live at all cost.

Sony PSN is free and a more mature community overall, most moms and dads can't afford a $400/$500 gaming system for their 13 year old kids and that's why they have to settle for alot less buying the inferior $200 xbox 360.

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