The Hottest Games of Summer 2009

PC World: "The summer months used to be lean on gaming entertainment. Not anymore. Punch-Out? The Sims 3? Fight Night Round 4? The Beatles: Rock Band? We're now seeing premium games hit all year round--and this summer is no exception.

PC World's experts--Game On blogger Matt Peckham (twitter: game_on) and Casual Friday columnist Darren Gladstone (twitter: gizmogladstone)--ruminate, dish, and occasionally disagree on some of the season's biggest titles. So plan your vacations accordingly – and slather on the sunblock.

Not that you'll need it."

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Myst3807d ago

My Must Gets:
+(I'd put Sacred2 even though it's already out though)
+(I'll also add Cross-Edge)
+(Also can't forgot the block buster - Monster Hunter Freedom United)

My Maybe:
+The Conduit
+Batman: Arkham Asylum

Overall though not counting games that I still have to backtrack and get like Demon's Souls. I'd say this summer is turning out pretty well, not to mention some DLC I'll probably end up getting for Rock band 2. My maybe's list is just those games that I think would be worth getting, but will mostly depend on how much money I make this summer and how much I will be able to allocate for next semester's college courses. Again though lots of good titles coming.