New Heavy Rain info coming on May 22nd

It looks like the embargo for Heavy Rain ends at or around May 22nd.

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nightelfmohawk3810d ago

Damn, Sony, what do you think I am? Made of money? Slow your roll! J/K, gimme moar games nao! :D

Lfmesquite3810d ago

I really want to see more on this game.

Unbiased13810d ago

REAL embargo ends on first day of this is probably something "smaller". Either way, my "most looking forward to" game of 2009

Blaze9293810d ago

Last time i checked Heavy Rain was Quantic Dream's game....

Anyway cant wait, if its anything like Indigo Prophecy (which i absolutely loved) and much better then I'll be jumping out my seats with excitement while playing this game.

poindat3810d ago

No! No! No more games! Any more and I will be in debt. Ah forget it, I'd rather be in debt.


pippoppow3810d ago

Most interested game release this year as well. So many great games coming out within a years time but this game has me peeked the most. Nice to play something different than just run around and shoot the bad guys. A deep mature story with a dark dramatic atmosphere is welcome. Hope this game does well and more types of games like this get released. Maybe spark an interest in pushing graphic adventure games which many relied on really good story telling, some mature offerings into the limelight again.

cmrbe3810d ago

I believe HR is a Sony IP like LBP,HS,R1,R2,RCTOD,Warhawk etc. They are all from Sony's 2nd party devs/partners.

Either way its an exclsuive therefore it basically is a Sony game.

I agree with Nighthawk. I am getting poorer and poorer because of Sony because i also have to buy RCCIT,Infamous,Uncharted and MAG on top of numerous multi-plats.

Come to think of it. Its really is not funny.

thebudgetgamer3810d ago

so i dont know what to expect. i am excited though


Persistantthug3810d ago

According to to Wikipedia, Heavy Rain is Quantic Dreams game.....rather, they own the IP, whereas, Sony is Publishing the game.

Most definitely, as of now this game is an exclusive to PS3.

I've been keeping my eye on this game since I heard about it last Christmas; it sounds very interesting.

ps921173810d ago

@1.6 warhawak is first party, but yes sony being the publisher gets a bit more control over it.

rockleex3810d ago

I'm assuming that Sony has multiple new games to show at E3!! ^_^

It seems like Sony wants to get these games out of the way so they can save the spotlight for bigger, newer, and more interesting games and announcements! >:D

Lifendz3810d ago

Adult story lines, downloadable episodes, and insane graphics all amount to a day one for me.

shawnsl653810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

my wallet is gonna be filled with cash once i sell some SNE & MSFT stock ;D
It's doing well lately since i bought in during february 09.

II Necroplasm II3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Everytime I read nightelfmohawk's comments I hear Mr.T's voice in my head

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Hellsvacancy3810d ago

Heavy Rains a must buy 4 me im gonna stear clear of any info and videos i dont wanna know - all i wannna know is a release date

happyface3810d ago

i'd rather watch a movie than play a lame game of cutscenes

I'm also really tired of seeing the picture of this ugly chick crying on the front page of n4g

heroicjanitor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

It looks to be quite heavy too.

And have you got info the rest of us don't? We don't know how this game is going to play out but I suppose you better take your negative stance with this one early.

LarVanian3810d ago

Uncharted 2 gameplay this Thursday, inFamous public demo next Thursday and now new Heavy Rain info next Friday. Fabulous!
There is also bound to be some ACIT gameplay at least before or during E3.

Glyn_Dwr3810d ago

certainly seems intriguing, i'll be keeping my eye on this new information when it hits!

Hockey113810d ago

I see what you did there.

ToastyMcNibbles3810d ago

hell yeah! this is my most anticipated game of the year and im looking forward to hearing more about it...hopefully we'll get some new footage of it as well... i loved indigo prophecy so my excitement for heavy rain is through the roof...guys if you havent played indigo prophecy do yourself a favor and pick it up!

Gambit073810d ago

Also my most anticipated GOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.