Gran Turismo 5: Prologue has sold 3.3 million

According to Polyphony Digital, this "extended demo" of the upcoming racing simulator has now sold more than 3.3 million copies. (link to source in article)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (North America) 730,000
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Europe) 1,870,000
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Asia) 90,000
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Japan) 620,000

LET US hope Sony will give us more news on Gran Turismo 5 (full game) at E3 2009!

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cmrbe5139d ago

After all. Its the Mario and halo of PS franchise when it comes to sales and brand recognition.

hakis865139d ago

Are there any other games that have had a "demo" like this that people actually bought?

cmrbe5139d ago

Again. Its GT. Repeat, GT.

cappakrako5139d ago

yes does FF XIII ring a bell?

Jaces5139d ago

Just wait till GT5 is released....then the numbers will explode compared to Prologue.

Chuck Norris5139d ago

Japan and NA sales are almost equal.

pain777pas5139d ago

We all know the King will get back on the throne. Love the passion that this dev has for their game and they put their soul into making a masterpiece and you can see the quality from the moment you place the bluray in the drive. This was $39.99 when it came out to so they have alittle extra in the cantine to play around with. Good move on their part.

gaffyh5139d ago

Europe = Gran Turismo Land

rockleex5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

People love to talk about how Sony needs a Halo killer.

The funny thing is, GT3 sold 14.89 million copies on the PS2 while Halo 2 sold 8.46 million copies on the original Xbox. Halo 3 has sold 9.4 million copies so far.

I think Microsoft needs a Gran Turismo killer before Sony needs a Halo killer!!! >:D


FFXIII demo was included with FF7:ACC Bluray.

While Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was an extended demo all by itself.

5139d ago
DarK-SilV5139d ago

a demo outsold almost every 360 exclusive except Halo3 and gears.

MGS4 sells 4.5 millions the end of 2008 ,6 months after its released reported by Konami

Shadow Flare5139d ago

- night racing
- real-time weather change

I think for most gt fans, this one is going to be the most revolutionary. Online play. Finally more then 6 cars on track. Mind blowing visuals. If you've forgotten how good the graphics are, stick in gt5 prologue and your eyes will melt. Stick in a steering wheel, and it's easy to see why this is the real driving simulator

na2ru15139d ago

It's a good thing that GT5 will be launched later rather than earlier. There will be a much bigger install base and maybe the price of the PS3 will be dropped in time for release in order to enhance the "system seller" factor.

ATM, the PS3 just isn't affordable for people to just drop in a shop and grab it quick without thinking through. GT5 could be...let me rephrase, WILL BE the biggest launch and success for PS3. Sony will have a price drop by then.

Sarcasm5139d ago

Put it this way, I'm playing GT4 all over again and forgot how fun it is tuning the car, buying parts, browsing hundreds of different models, license tests, time trials, special condition races, power and speed test, etc. etc.

GT5 is an instant buy for millions of people if it has all those features (which we all know it will) and more.

OGharryjoysticks5139d ago

They have Gran Turismo at the Auto Show in America

Sitdown5139d ago

"I wonder are there any other games that have had a "demo" like this that people actually bought? "

Sort of...the Halo 3 beta....with crackdown as a bonus.


"where are these peoples who talk about sales
a demo outsold almost every 360 exclusive except Halo3 and gears."

Hmmm....can't the same be said regarding it out selling almost every ps3 exclusive? 1.)I guess we are going to ignore the cheaper price 2.)Demo? "Some folks are calling it a demo, which I don't think is entirely correct. While it's true that the amount of content pales in comparison to what we'll see with the full GT5 release, Prologue still includes roughly 70 cars and a half-dozen tracks, a couple of which feature alternative routes that drastically change their layout, bumping the number of "unique" courses closer to 10, and that's not counting reverse routes."(IGN) 3.)How many games has GT had to build up its user base..versus Halo?

I don't have a problem with the game selling so for most it's obviously worthy of the accolade...I do fine it unnecessarily for the unending has now shifted to a race simulation versus a fps? With that said....I like your comparison rockleex, even though I don't think we need one game to kill another..they can all coexist.

Raul_75139d ago

Cant wait for the full GT5. <3

RussDeBuss5138d ago

In europe anyway, I know people that bought a PS3 just for GT5:Prologue(the bundle) and it's only half a game( calling it a demo is a bit unfair).

By the time GT5 is released, PS3 will be cheaper and unless M$ pull some surprises at E3, poeple will start to realise that M$ has run out of games.

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ultimolu5139d ago

Snap, crackle, pop?

*ish smacked*

But seriously, that's really good news. GT5 is gonna be the mother of all racing games. *__*

Rifle-Man5139d ago

Not enough guns in this game for me.

hakis865139d ago

Yeah imagine the worlds most famous racing simulator with guns/rocket launchers/whatever :P
Don't confuse this with GTA man... hehe =)

cmrbe5139d ago

good one rifle-man. Sorry to say this but there are more drivers in the world than shooters lol!.

However there are more kids in the world hence Mario still rules lol!.

Persistantthug5139d ago

I laughed because it was funny.

Funny because if a mod or DLC became available, I would probably get that too.

Can't wait for GT5 though....and as is, the racing genre is my least personal favorite genre. I just never quite got the idea of driving around in a circle many times.

Gran Turismo though, that has always been a MUST HAVE.....I'll definitely get that.

cysna5138d ago

Gran Turismo with guns would be almost as stupid as GT with damage! No really! Am I the only one who really thinks that Gran Turismo is a DRIVING simulator, NOT a crashing simulator.

Damage is great in games like Burn Out etc, but it doesn't belong to the GT series. It's all about driving, not crashing. I hope they won't do it because it will surely delay the game even more. People should understand that if damage ever comes to GT, it won't be like flying peaces of metal and huge fire balls. No, the cars just stop running well and you will ruin your lap times. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be.

If I'm the only one who does not want damage to the GT series, press disagree. Otherwise agree...

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LinuxGuru5139d ago

lol dang, 3.3 mil for a glorified demo? Impressive.

Fishy Fingers5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

I've spent more time playing that "gorified demo" then I have the majority of full titles. I got great value out of it.

Perkel5139d ago

@ Fishy

same hare, and i'm still playin as same as gt4 :)

Bnet3435139d ago

If you've been playing a glorified demo more than your other games, that says a lot about the current state of your gaming library.

DX F3NIX5139d ago

linuxguru is a piece of _____________.... dumbarse doesn't have a life

Perkel5139d ago

@ Kigmal

i have over 40 games for playstation 3 and over 70 for ps2 still. Currently I'm playing 2 games and GT and rFactor .

Just simply don't count GT or Forza like any other game it's way of life , habit something essencial

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PirateThom5139d ago

That's a million more than I thought....

cmrbe5139d ago

sold about 11 million on the PS2 when there were about 24 million PS2 out in its second year. Lifetime i believe was around the 14-15 million mark. Despite what people say GT5P is not really a glorified demo as its more than that plus the price cheaper.

I am not surprise at all.

PirateThom5139d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if GT5 did 10m on the PS3 in its life.

And I own GT5P, you're preaching to the choir.

Narutone665139d ago

with the Logitech G25 steering wheel just for this game. Now, PD, please announce the release date of GT5.