Blizzard New MMO Based On New IP has the scoop that a Blizzard representative confirmed the new MMO is based on a new IP, and the lore and art will be developed from scratch.

The past years, Blizzard has based their games on the three major game franchises: StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft.

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Redrudy3809d ago

It's quite exciting anticipating what new world they could be thinking up.

menoyou3809d ago

no its not. it will just be a WoW clone. no innovation, nothing special, etc. just a different theme.

Cheeseknight283809d ago

Oh yes, Blizzard has definitely been known for no innovation. Starcraft clearly didn't redefine the RTS, and become the top e-sport in South Korea. WoW clearly open up the MMO genre to the mainstream.

What makes you think Blizzard wouldn't try something new, like they always do? Sure they stick with their 3 main guns, but when is the last time they've made a bad game?

TheAntiFanboy3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Agree. They stick with their main three guns because they're proven franchises with a history of innovation with each iteration. To claim Blizzard has not innovated is folly, and also completely ignorant of their artistic talent.

AntoineDcoolette3809d ago

Blizzard didn't innovate with WoW. They just took what was on the MMORPG market, polished it immensely, and added Warcraft clothing.

Can't say anything about its expansions since I didn't play them.

AntoineDcoolette3809d ago

And to say something lacks innovation doesn't mean it lacks brilliance

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Medievaldragon3809d ago

I wonder what genre this new MMO is based on. Sci-fi? Fantasy? a nod to Champions Online / City of Heroes? Can't wait to find out.

Blizzard worked on Superman Returns years ago.

Montrealien3809d ago

I finished that game recently, The Death and Return of Superman was a great side scrolling beat em up, you can see Blizzards art style starting to distinguish itself in that game very well in the game.

iceice1233809d ago

If anyone can make an MMORTS work it's Blizzard.

Xulfxulf3809d ago

they like to try something new every 8 or 10 years? ;)p

Xulfxulf3809d ago

past discussions of this title, most people have thought an FPS was likely. simply because we know lots of blizz guys are fans of shooters, and blizzard hasn't made one, other than the aborted/FAIL that was SC Ghost.

BRG90003809d ago

I agree that FPS isn't very likely. But if they are being genuine when they say they plan to support WoW for many more years, this new MMO needs to be significantly different from the WoW/EQ/WAR style. More different than just a setting change.

Timesplitter143809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I hope it'll be a fantasy MMO but with better, more serious art direction

Either that or some kind of strategy Civilisation-like MMO

Perjoss3809d ago

would be nice for someone to release a true horror mmo, something dark and creepy with some production thrown at it to make it stand out. Some kind of survival horror but mass multiplayer, maybe the fallout mmo could fill this gap? some thing along the lines of left4dead but much bigger scale and a persistent world, valuable items would be stuff like food, water and medication instead of short sword of eternal darkness with extra crit :P

TheAntiFanboy3809d ago

It's sci-fi. And it's not Starcraft.

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The story is too old to be commented.