Wintergrasp Quests Undergoing Significant Changes

You know those Wintergrasp dailies you like to do for some easy gold, honor, and Stone Keeper's Shards? Wave goodbye to them.

In an upcoming patch*, those daily quests will be turned into weekly quests that will reset every Tuesday morning at 3:00 a.m.

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360Hater3815d ago

Seriously a few months, we have all been there.. But come on move the F on so another MMORPG can make its way. WOW wasnt even a good MMORPG.

Then again MMORPG in general are pretty dang repetitive. They are solely based on mens egos to be the best. Amazes me how many people just throw money away each month on something that means nothing..

DirtyLary3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

People like Bloodmask who are obsessed with WOW cannot just up and leave the game.

They've invested countless hours/days/weeks of their lives into WOW.

It will be very hard for them to just go cold turkey and up and leave all the dangling carrots they've chased for the past years. It is their life.

All the time they've invested into this game justifies them to continue playing.

Blizzard are genius and have these people by the balls.