OnLive killed the video game star

Dieter from Lazygamer gives us his opinion on OnLive - "When I read this article I shuddered. Was my precious console now finally facing the firing squad? According to Palo Alto-based OnLive, it was. Unluckily for our console counterparts OnLive isn't merely all talk either. Apparently it's been dropping jaws of the press who've seen it working this week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. GameDaily dubbed the play "fantastic" after seeing Crysis streamed "smooth" off a server to a plain ol' MacBook laptop. Crysis? Consoles…thee end might be nigh.

See, OnLive claims to have perfected the interactive video compression technique so that latency is low enough to support on-line multi-player setups. Broadband connections of 1.5Mbps (71% of US homes have 2Mbps or greater) dials the image quality down to Wii levels while 4-5Mbps pipes are required for HD resolution."

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Smacktard3814d ago

Yeah OnLive could be okay in 30 years' time when it might be conceivably possible.