Could these be the specs for Microsoft's Pink phone?

ZD: "While rumors about what is/isn't part of the next Zunes and "Pink" phones swirl, I figured I'd add a few more tidbits that I've been hoarding.

First up: A list of what may or may not be the final specs for the Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1. Chassis 1 seems to be the the heart of the rumored "Pink" Microsoft phone and possibly other Windows Mobile 7 phones made by Microsoft partners."

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DA_SHREDDER3808d ago

360 handheld console maybe?

AAACE53808d ago

I totally ruled out the idea of a MS handheld gaming system.

But with MS trying to compete directly with Apple, I think it is more likely they will have a touch screen Zune and a touch Zune phone.

ShabzS3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

they havent fully established yet in the console race.... they need more first party studios first... once everything is established then they can think about it .. but right now on the gaming front keep the just focus on the my 360 pls

STK0263808d ago

An Xbox handheld would be quite surprising, as it would be in a very weird position. Both the PSP and the DS are going very strong right now, worldwide. They both have a great line up this year and most likely will still have one for the next few years. Their cycle isn't over yet.

As for the iPhone/iTouch, I can't see MS really compete with them right now. The Zune never proved to be a real threat to the iPod despite being (in my opinion) the superior one, with better software and a lower price. Put iPod or Apple on a product, it will sell. Put Zune or Microsoft, it will be bashed and seen as "uncool". The App store is growing very very quickly, full of apps and games, and the games are getting somewhat better.

If MS wants to get into the handheld market, it should either wait for the new cycle (next gameboy/PSP2). That way, it won't be going against 2 consoles with an install base of over 100 million (many people bought 2 DS or PSP due to the refresh, so I'm pretty sure there aren't 150 milion different users).

saimcheeda3808d ago

Fail!!!This will never go!and they cant afford buying out hanheld games to go multi too!

Baka-akaB3808d ago

As much as i enjoy win7 , i just dont want windows on my touch phone . So i'll stick to Iphones or android phones