nVidia's GT300 is "smaller, faster than Larrabee"?

BSN: "It looks like nVidia is dead set on calming the PR storm the competitors are releasing, and the mood in the company is more relaxed. nVidia is certain they have a winner on their hands, but only time will tell whether they managed to pull it through or not.

We already gave you details on the architectural side. GT300 or G300 or NV70 is consisted out of 512 cores [or Shader Processors, whatever you like], features a 512-bit memory controller connecting to GDDR5 memory and well, it is a beast. nVidia packed everything in around 2.4 billion transistors using TSMC's 40nm high-performance process [yes, the one with currently sucky yields]. Given that the original GT200 packed 240 shaders in 1.4 billion trannies, one could argue that nVidia did some heavy dieting on its own architecture and managed to get a body builder shader power in a size zero body. GT300 packs 512 MIMD-capable cores and yet it uses "just" one billion transistors extra. I'll be first to admit that I wondered how GT300 packs at least three billion transistors, but according to our highly confidential source, the 2.4 billion transistors are packed in just 495mm2."

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Kakkoii3807d ago

Man, I can't wait for this GPU to be released. It is looking fu#!ing epic. Will probably be the first Single GPU sytem to play Crysis on all maxed settings at 1900x1200.

Nihilism3807d ago

i really hope so, i bought a zotac amp gtx 280....and it benches at bout the same as the gtx 285...and crysis warhead at 1680*1050 is still unplayable on very high dx10(less than 30frames)...i gotta run dx9

50CALheadshot3807d ago

besides all the exclusives im buying in 09, i now have to obsess about this card.

TheIneffableBob3807d ago

Larrabee is going to be huge, so the "smaller... than Larrabee" is no surprise. Faster? We'll see.

Kakkoii3807d ago

Well, only part of Larrabee is an actual GPU. So it's pretty much impossible for Larrabee to be a better GPU than even the current offerings from ATI and Nvidia. It won't be able to have anywhere near enough transistors to compete with the highest end GPU's. But it could probably steal some of the lower end market.

moses3807d ago

I really don't see the larrabee coming close to a high end Nvidia GPU. The only thing that makes me think twice is that it's being made by the biggest chip producing company in the market, then again, they've only been successful with Cpus. :P

FantasyStar3807d ago

Good ol' Kakkoii. Bringin' us the good PC news. =D

micro_invader3807d ago

Agreed, I never usually visit the Tech section but I'm frequenting it more and more now. Thanks Kakkoii :D

steve30x3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

The author of that story states

"let us put it in this perspective - if nVidia managed to put 2.4 billion transistors in less than 500mm2, with an interesting performance delta between GT200-GT300 in clock-per-clock comparison… we could say that Jen-Hsun definitely opened a can of whoop-ass on its competitors."

What makes him think ATI wont do any better? We gotta wait and see what both sides do before stating something like that.

Kakkoii3807d ago

This is why they can say that:

And beside that point, the sheer performance increase of the GT300 would stand as woopin some ass. And like pretty much every generation, Nvidia has held the performance crown. While ATI holds the price crown.