BestBuy ad confirms Punch-Out!!'s Soda and Sandman?

NintendoDpad:"A couple weeks ago Bestbuy was running an add for the pre-order sale of Punch-Out!!. In the ad though was 2 characters not yet released to the public by Nintendo."

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nintendohomie3816d ago

Thats got to be Soda Popinski and Mr. Sandman

TailsBell3813d ago

I have the Best Buy ad at home......its Popsinski and a new charcter.....probably the champion.....its not Sandman....doesn't even look like him.....and its not Bald Bull or Super Macho Man(Both Confirmed) just get use to the fact that this guy is new.

TailsBell3812d ago

I recently saw a video that Sandman is the guy shadowed on the offical game site.......the guy in the ad......TD DOn Flamenco

(Title Defense)

In Gameinformer he wears black shorts so thats him

JohnnyMann4203816d ago

..and if you look at the pic below, there is no black dude!

The guy behind Mac to our furthest right is Von Kaiser

Product3816d ago

Did you not click on the article or something?