UFC 2009 Undisputed - Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

Over the past couple years the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been making moves to try and become accepted as a legitimate professional sport all around the globe. The company's head-honcho Dana White is pushing the company into all new areas and part of that is the upcoming video game from publisher THQ and experienced Japanese developer Yuke's. Last week had had the lucky opportunity to spend a good bit of time with the final build of UFC 2009 Undisputed and came away very pleased with the sport's first true outing (can't count the previous games as they were so horrid) into the games industry. The most important aspect to get right with this game was the gameplay mechanics, without a strong foundation there is no hope for a long-term franchise success.

There are also a number of brand new screenshots available to check out.

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UltimaEnder3811d ago

This game is gonna be unbelievable, all fans should get prepared for the UFC's first good video game.....less than a week until release!

Pennywise3811d ago

I am all over this one. Me and my friends have a fake belt we pass around. I dont know if I should say how many hours were spent on this demo so far, but hey - 20 hours fighting with rua and the iceman. I LOVE this game and I am also the title holder LOL.

Valkyrie833811d ago

Nice preview, can't wait to hear more once the review's start to hit next week.....either way this game is going to be good, at least it sounds that way so far!

360Hater3811d ago

1)UFC 97 sucked and brought a lot of bad publicity especially for people who spent money on that fight... Gosh forbid you actually went and coughed up 1000.00 per ticket.

2)Fast knockouts and submissions. Demo showed us this and it will be exploited some way online we all know it.

3)Glithes ive found a lot and thats just with the demo and i imagine the game will ship with some adding to #2.

4)Graphics is it me or did they drop quite a bit? I remember them looking Fight Night ish then I played the demo and they are good but not great. Maybe Fight Night just stepped it up this year as it does look quite polished. I hate boxing fyi but the games are fun.

5)Ground and pound and submission controls - Its just weird, i know how to do it and it sorta works but feels awkward and clunky.

6)No taps? Are you F'ing kidding me. I cant determine when I tap? How cool would have been to see everyone not tap and have some cool breaking arm cut scene animation with a pop up xray or something?
As of now it just auto taps which is lame. There should be some type of bar and rappid button pressing when someone is about to be submitted. I mean this is basic game play!!!

7)No corner?

Thats about it im sure this is plenty more. Its a good start but I had higher expectations for this game for some reason. Wait until I see the reviews my guess it will be in the 8's, 80's, 3/5 star section.

Tough call I like UFC better but Fight Night looks more polished and probably a lot more balanced. Tough Call. I really think putting the difficulty on the demo so low was a huge mistake. And if its not low then see #2.

Th3 Chr0nic3811d ago

1. your delusional good sir
2. nothing else matters, wait for the reviews and you will see how WRONG you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Th3 Chr0nic3811d ago

OMG im gonna KO myself soon and hope I dont wake up will this game is out. CANT WAIT!

UltimaEnder3811d ago

Agreed, and I don't think your the only one!