Microsoft Set To Debut New 3-D Camera For 360?

Sources close to Microsoft are reporting that Microsoft may debut their new 3-D camera for the Xbox 360 at this years E3. Microsoft has denied any comment on the matter, which doesn't mean all that much this day in age.

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GWAVE3816d ago

Oh please. I'm not saying the 3-D camera will suck, but even if it does debut at E3, you can bet that it will be aimed at the casual market. I surely hope the hardcore gaming media doesn't make this 3-D camera a bigger deal than it really is when more deserving games (like Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, etc) should be getting more attention.

omodis4203816d ago

Sweet. Hopefully they make more than Wii like shovel ware

Valdass3816d ago ??

The_Zeitgeist3816d ago

That sites actually pretty cool.