Rockstar's Response To "Lost & Damned" DLC

Game Of Honor: "JokerElite" has sent an email to Rockstar Games regarding the rumors surrounding "Grand Theft Auto IV" and if they were true. You would be suprised.

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Spike473807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Why? Do you know how late it is? I still don't have enough cash for Infamous! I have to save up for MW2 aswell. So Rockstar, next time make a better GTA, and give us a heads up on the dlc.

San Frandisco3807d ago


true my friend,very true.

based on wut the dude said from rockstar,its either the same DLC (ala lost and damned) or a seperate DLC exclusivly for the ps3.
Either way like the dude said above,its to late and i dont even like GTA4 so it doesnt really matter to me as i wont buy it anyways..

but to the peeps that do play GTA4 on a regular basis then congrats as its pretty much confirmed ina way or else they would of said it strait up NO!,but insted chose not to answer.

antt33807d ago

Yeah, there are way too many good games coming to waste even $10 on DLC.

Although, i have to admit (and I know this isn't a popular opinion), but i wasn't very fond of GTAIV. I did enjoy it for a little bit, but I never even finished playing the game...

JokesOnYou3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

that just depends on what DLC you're talking about...I'd gladly pay $10 for more Gears2 campaign/Maps/modes and I'm sure there a lots of GTA fans who'd pay for extra GTAIV content. This in no way means we don't want to play other games but I have know idea why anyone would be against more content to extend the life of their favorite games.

At any rate this "news" is well, uhm NOT news, and a very shameful attempt at hits.


I_am_rushin3807d ago

and don't forget Uncharted 2, and Heavy Rain, and Fat Princess, and.... holy crap I need to start saving up.

raztad3807d ago

Too many games to finish, too many games yet to buy, not time for more boriiiiing GTA4. inFAMOUS baby all the way!!!

On the other hand, Im very pleased with Read Dead Redemption trailer, looks pretty good. Looking forward to it, next year after some good reviews and some price drop :D.

antt33807d ago

I in no way meant to imply that *no one* wants to buy DLC. And similarly I didn't say that having the option to purchase DLC is a bad thing. It's of course a very good thing.

I was speaking from a personal standpoint, saying that with my limited funds, *I* would rather spend my money on many of the great new games coming out.

CobraKai3807d ago

I gotta save up for the new Transformers movie toys.

IaMs123807d ago

Soo now why do a lot of people now want the DLC all of sudden after many have bashed it...

cayal3807d ago

"Soo now why do a lot of people now want the DLC all of sudden after many have bashed it... "

Like who?

JHUX3807d ago

Actually that response doesn't lead me to believe anything. Just a generic response...

MazzingerZ3807d ago

Don't care about the DLC...I want a patch for missions check points and maybe maybe I'll repick up the game to beat it.

Mindboggle3806d ago

why are people so bitter about gta4? Was it the exclusive 360 content or do you genuinly think its a crap game. Gta4 was amazing and i would love some dlc. Just because you guys wont buy it doesnt mean others wont. They said themselves theres an equal amount of ps3 and 360 players so they cant ignore the PS3 players.

UltraNova3806d ago

Not only I am yet to finish gta4, nor I ever will! Hence, I dont care!

So far I have 9 must have ps3 games on my list so if you do the math, I've have already kissed a part of my monthly salary goodbye! And god knows how big is my must have list going to grow after E3...

Sony your killing me...god damn it!

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xbollox3807d ago

DLC is like hogwash the day after a good party for the morons who couldn't get laid

xb!tches have such a crappy line up, it's already funny now, but after E3 they're gonna cry us a tsunami and then they'll hang themselves when the next rrod comes (you know it's coming b!tches :)


Pennywise3807d ago

What a cheap summary for hits. They say NOTHING. This is not news.

Raoh3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

what's even funnier is the way this website came on to the scene by trashing

Seraphim3807d ago

wow, just wow. what a waste of a minute... cheap ploy for hits undervalues this one...

Delive3807d ago

I gave this site a hit. Ok, going into router settings and blocking this site from being accessed. There.

JD_Shadow3807d ago

Guys, you do realize that this news was from them saying "no comment" about it a la the whole Bioware Mass Effect 2 exclusivity thing, right?

"No comment" in this day and age of gaming news means that there's SOMETHING to it but they can't talk about it right now because of an NDA or something like that. I mean, if it wasn't coming, would they just say "no, it isn't coming"? When did all of you forget that rule?

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-MD-3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

So by you calling it DLCBox 360 you're saying no DLC is better than having DLC?

I don't get it? You sound jealous ;)

Edit: ROFL ssj bubbles for you.

cappakrako3807d ago

yes having no DLC is better than having DLC IMO. what happened to a developer finishing a game then releasing it? not having to patch the game every two days *looks at socom* or having to charge extra for content that should have been on the disc. I'll agree that the GTA DLC was better than most but having to pay an additional fee to add longevity to a game I paid full retail price for is pointless. that is what sequels are for. and if that's the case why make sequels? why not just make expansion after expansion?

Mo0eY3807d ago

Here, Bots, I'll put it in a different form so your peanut brains can evaluate:

I'd rather have a 3rd PLACE Station with exclusive titles than a DLCBox 360 who offers DLC to a piece of crap called GTA4. That game was so not even worth the 10/10 it got. The best thing to do in that city is grab the copters and fly them into people. Where's the fun that GTA3 had?

So you go ahead and enjoy your DLC and fap-fap to your sales in the USA region, I'll be playing inFamous and Uncharted 2 beta.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3807d ago

lol sorry just had to get into the game ^^

JasonPC360PS3Wii3807d ago

Morsecodestation 3, Textstation 3, PS3rd, LastStation 3rd, and Paystation 3

Nelson M3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Exclusives comming out from every direction Station

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Fishy Fingers3807d ago

Standard PR responce. General news brings something "new".

theEnemy3807d ago

I was surprised.

This interview.

Is that short!.