Red Steel 2 visual style explained

NintendoDpad reports:
"As you can see Red Steel 2 went towards art rather than realism, and there is a reason for this."

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Product3810d ago

I think the art direction is fantastic. I the game can look anything like the trailer I will be very happy.

Mini Mario3809d ago

Yeh i didnt like the first one much,..but the trailer looks really good. I rather art style then realism. So im over the moon with their choice.

How bland is it to play something that looks like real life.

morganfell3809d ago

I like the art direction. At least the guy is honest about the new Gamecube's abilities.

N4g_null3809d ago

The use of the cut scene and the long and short range attacks with the blocking of bullets with the sword is quite impressive. If this game has cut scene style game play with certain important points this would become a true revolution is story based gaming. This may not seem like much but when you have a mini game that does not seem like a mini game and it makes your game cool then every one wins. I really do see this in the early build of this game but I would have to play it to confirm it. That type of game play is very hard to pull off with out button cues.

If you have ever played sin and punishment their is a boss in that game that had to same thing going on yet only one type of move could hurt it yet you where never told or prompted to use it. I known many designers love prompts but I loved how it became a puzzle with in game play. Rather than some thing that the game gave you hours or weeks to find a key or answer.

ChickeyCantor3810d ago

" “You see a screenshot of Red Steel 2, and you know it’s a game. We’re not trying to convince you that it’s a movie, because we’re making this for gamers. It’s for them.”"

And so should other developers too.
Looking forward to the end results.

Product3810d ago

Sidar whats with your bubbles dude? here have some more.

ChickeyCantor3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

My bubbles?

You should know by now that some people have this "religious" mentality that, all of my words that i type down are automatically about "defending" Nintendo.
Instead of understanding what i'm trying to point out, they make up their own stuff and call me a fanboy in the end.

I mean how many times do we get a disagree because they can't comprehend a comment we submit?

It's okay, even if they take all my bubbles, at least i have the brains to know that GAMES are more important than brands.

Thanks anyway.

O and, I wonder what happened to this mentality of GAMES being GAMES and not movies?
Contra:Rebirth is EPIC XD

Product3810d ago

my personal favorite is the phantom disagree lol.

On topic:
I'm excited for the game and I'm really hoping this is just the tip of the visual iceberg

SpoonyRedMage3810d ago

You may be defending Nintendo but you're actually justified. Here have a bubble from me too.

I think art style is much more preferrable and memorable as pure technical graphics can and will be surpassed but an art style is something that stays with you.

I do think hyper-realism is perhaps too prevalent as well.

Smacktard3810d ago

At least you guys have some bubbles :P

I can make a post bashing decisions made by all three console-makers for different reasons and I'll get "SHUT UP SONY DOESN'T SUCK YOU NINTENDO FANBOY"

Product3810d ago

Here Smack have a bubble

Smacktard3809d ago

Actually, more often than I get called a Nintendo fanboy, I get called a Microsoft fanboy. It's especially funny considering the fact that I think that the 360 is the worst console investment this gen.

Mini Mario3809d ago

"O and, I wonder what happened to this mentality of GAMES being GAMES and not movies?"

Agreed TEN fold

"Contra:Rebirth is EPIC XD"

Agreed TWENTY fold.

N4g_null3809d ago

"We’re not trying to convince you that it’s a movie, because we’re making this for gamers."

Games are not movies and movie are not the big brother to gaming. People did not start feeling that way until SONY came and FF7 because it was mostly FMV. People forgot about telling stories with in the game play rules though. This is what made the arcade so cool. You didn't always care about the plot it was a new story every time you put a quarter in, because it was about game play style.

Ubisoft must have finally got some guys that understand console gaming and why we all loved ninja gaiden on the nes rather than the arcade. The arcade version was sweet though but the way you interacted with the game and it's story was so much more then. I guess if you can link game play skill to story it sort of weaves you into the game more. This is argued many times a day LOL in different ways. Yet current hardcore gamers seldom want to become good at a game.

Shnazzyone3809d ago

I used to have 7 bubbles then i started trying to point out that japan numbers aren't that important. Which coincidentally is only a bad thing to say when sony is winning in those stats.

In reguards to this i'm happy I like how stylised wii games are getting. Nothing like an souped up Xbox in the HD gen to finally bring out true creativity in developers. If 2009 is looking this good already then i can't wait for 2010.

kesvalk3809d ago

Yea, i don't like the "Games are interactive Movies" thing, Games are about the game play, the only genre that really relies on story telling of the RPG (except for MGS), and this is why Super smash bros and Klonoa are good games, they don't rely on the story, only in the gameplay (this can be said of all fighting games too)

and a bubble to you guys...

SinnedNogara3809d ago

I agree with all of you guys and have 4 bubbles?? WTF.

I really like the art style. It is like XIII. Wonder if they add speech bubbles.

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The Great Melon3809d ago

Never owned the first one as I was put off by the way it controlled, but look forward to the sequel. The graphics to me are probably more engaging than realistic graphics. Hopefully this time around they will have gotten the time to polish the game more.

Redempteur3809d ago

that are games not movies .

the games that are movies aren't a bad concept it's just that everyone thinks they NEED to make a game like that to succeed

Gr813809d ago

RE4 is a GAMECUBE game! And Wii is 2x's stronger than that. Pretty weak explanationif you ask me, but the rest is cool. Realism, is best saved for real life, games are best when they attempt to be you

N4g_null3809d ago

"RE4 is a GAMECUBE game! And Wii is 2x's stronger than that." true but it still doesn't have a large boost in memory. A really good normal map is around 512-1028+. That is what you will need to do realism. I don't want to say it's not possible because the Wii doesn't have normal ram. The Sd card could open up possibilities if they let us use it.

Another thing is the Hd system are not even achieving what they should because of a strong reliance on the artist we have currently. Most are best at making realistic game assets for HD gaming and not a stylized comic like illustration in 3d.

If you could only see the concept art that comes out of a dev house and get a game that actually looked like the art we would be very lucky. I say this because very few concepts are made to look like realistic oil paintings.

Ubi is on to some thing and this 3d illustrated look is going to keep getting bigger and bigger.

Mini Mario3808d ago

"That is what you will need to do realism. I don't want to say it's not possible because the Wii doesn't have normal ram. The Sd card could open up possibilities if they let us use it."

I could care less about "realism" and "HD". Ask me about the super nes and its hardware....umm ahh "its 16bit"! and thats all i know. Point is i never cared then about hardware and i sure dont care about it now.

Funny thing is i dont get why games have to be "real" to be good. Its absurd. I play games to get away from real life. And talking about Hours of FMV in FF7 and MGS..seriously sometimes..its too much. If u like that kinda thing thats cool.

But when arcades were at there peek the LAST thing i cared about was story. In all shooting games like time crisis and house of the dead i ALWAYS skipped the stupid story. Sure i glanced over the backstories of tekken and street fighter...but i can assure u there was very little interest.

N4g_null3807d ago

Mini Mario I understand I don't play quake 3 almost every week end for the story. It is my WOW and also does wow even have a story? Mostly people trying to make movie and gaming stick together are just trying to get funding really.