Resident Evil 6 Reboot? A Wish List for a Better Bloodbath

Recent iterations of the Resident Evil series have seen a distinct departure from survival themes in favor of gun-popping, shell-dropping carnage. Given just how much ammo, armor, and weaponry one is allowed to bandy about in the latest RE installment, it's amazing to hear so many players pan the generous inventory for not holding enough. However, Resident Evil is a franchise that now appeals to as many action junkies as horror lovers, and they expect the gaming equivalent of a '76 Ramones show at CBGB-loud, hard, and fast.

So what kind of brutality awaits series fans in RE6?

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whothedog3816d ago

I heard they are going back to RE2 style.... :)

DominusRebellis3816d ago

My wishlist of things to bring back...

1. Feeling of being overwhelmed/lost
2. Claustrophobic environments
3. Survival > Run and gun
4. The undead
5. Limited ammo and guns
7. Spooky environments like in RE4 (castle) or RE1, 2, CV

FInally...most important thing is...

8. Solitude!!! Scary games become less scary.realistic when you have a stupid partner shooting along with you

SpoonyRedMage3816d ago

My only wish is Zombies!

You can have some fast ones here and there but I think shambelrs and the like are much scarier.

ultimolu3816d ago


Thank you.

chidori6663816d ago

bring back the style of r1 please.

Pootangpie3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

1.Saying the one liners do justice for the series

2.saying RE4 leon was a good charcter

I'm saying to burst there bubble but leon was just flat out ignorant overconfident douchebag and bites off more then he can chew in most situtations. Mikami took a decent charcter from RE2 and turned him into a cliche cardboard hollywood action hero cutout at least chris was likeable in RE5

other then that the other 2 things they mentioned I can sort of agree with

Oh and they need to make the A.I smarter or just bring back zombies

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