Castle Crashers exceeds 900,000 players, dev issues challenge for million milestone

Developer The Behemoth has revealed that their hack and slash XBLA title Castle Crashers has exceeded 900,000 users on its leaderboards.

Additionally, the dev has issued a challenge to players in celebration of their approach to one million.

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Sky Zero3808d ago

This game is epic tho.

These devs must be making money tho.

8 Developers and the game is DD.

These New Grounds guys probably bagged over 10mil in profit.

ambientFLIER3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Isn't this game $10? A million downloads is $10 million dollars, but it sure as hell isn't all profit. I doubt they are getting even 25% as profit.

lessthanmarcus3808d ago

I have a couple of silver accounts that are on this leaderboard. 900,000 users isn't as accurate as they think

Cheeseknight283808d ago

Castle Crashers was $15, but worth every penny.

Pootangpie3808d ago

I just went back to replay it on insane mode

GiantEnemyCrab3808d ago

Yup, I love me some Castle Crashers one of my favorite XBL titles.

If you haven't tried it download the demo and see what you're missing.

Ldubbz3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

The guys over at Newgrounds deserve the success. Easily a Top 5 XBLA game...

s8anicslayer3808d ago

I am one of those 900,000 users and proud of it!

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