Live a lifetime in just five minutes - G&M reviews Passage

Globe and Mail calls Passage "...a surprisingly profound meditation on the human condition-and proof that interactive media can have poetic meaning."

From the review: "...Each game in Passage lasts only five minutes, but in those brief moments our protagonist, a tiny blue-eyed man, lives his entire life. He starts as a young man, then quickly ages as he explores the game's maze-like environment, until, at the end, hunchbacked and sluggish, he dies.

That's it. There's no grand objective, no way to "win." Regardless of how quickly we progress through the maze or how many points we accumulate, the result is always the same: Our little hero passes away, alone and without fuss or fanfare.

Viewed as a game, Passage is a bit of a bust. Its rudimentary controls are frustratingly stiff, and its loud, old-school graphics can induce migraines. But it isn't really a game. Rather, it's a metaphor for life; a meditation on the human condition."

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