White Knight Chronicles Will Best the Current RPG Lineup.

The Don @ Gamingvice:

"This is the one RPG that does not have me worrying about when Final Fantasy XIII drops. White Knight Chronicles, rather than White Knight Story which was the working title seems to be a slight trend when naming a game this generation, ala Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles, which is the best RPG this generation thus far in my opinion, seems to be passing the torch over to White Knight Chronicles. So the Chronicles continue and from what I've seen thus far, this one seems to not disappoint."

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shocky163815d ago


Yeah best RPG.

Oh, btw Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey say Hi!

TheHater3815d ago

Famitsu also gave HAZE a 36, Infinite Undiscovery and TLR 35+ scores also. What do you have to say about that?

You Already Know3815d ago

also..the only gripe that Famitsu had with the game was the online play....which it was definitely flawed..

but there has been a patch that fixed it since then and that will reflect on the PS3 version...

oh and [email protected] bringing up a Famitsu review score to support your point...

zoneofenders3815d ago

one of the best RPG this gen

29/40 from Famitsu: too difficult for them! lol

TLR.....the xbox360 version got 38/40 from Famitsu....seriously?

kevnb3815d ago

famitsu sucks, they used to be spot on like a decade ago but not anymore. The Last Remnant wasn't a near perfect game lol, it was decent and playable but not a masterpiece.

Bnet3433815d ago

I am personally excited for this title. I have no RPG's on PS3. I love the way the battle system is shaping up to be.

FamilyGuy3815d ago

Just come out already, the day this hits american store shelves im picking it up.

Gun_Senshi3815d ago

Did you even read Famistu review? t hey didn't critcise it and they loved WKC

TheAntiFanboy3814d ago

Let's not forget that Japanese gamers are a wildly different breed compared to American gamers. The JRPG is Japan's defining genre. They probably think FPS's here are as stagnant as we think JRPG's are there.

AKNAA3814d ago

Why?! because its made by Level-5! just look at dragon quest 8 and rough galaxy! I'm telling you, they're the next SE!

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DA_SHREDDER3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Ive played both VC and LO and the only one worth mentioning is VC. LO was garbage in my opinion. Why you might ask? Is cause the story and characters had no personality.

VC was a great strategy game, it wasn't an rpg. It just had a great story and rpg elements. Ive seen countless hours of live gameplay footage of WKC and I have to say that this game is bigger and better then both VC and LO combined. I give you an A for your effort, but leave trolling to those that know how to do it right buddy.

Edit @ Hallucinate

Dude have you ever played any last gen rpg's? I can name 10 games witha a better story the VC. Im not saying its bad at all, but even Sega has made games with a better story then this. Ever heard of Skies of Arcadia? Vyse

Hallucinate3815d ago

idk VC is like next to impossible to beat cause when i think RPGS i thing story and VC just did it so well..not so much the story but the execution and the characters

You Already Know3815d ago

well said it incorporates a party system....

people try to consider Fable 2 or Mass Effect an RPG and VC is definitely much more of an RPG than they are....

strategy games are as close to an RPG as you can get....but this one is pretty much is a role-playing game...period..

shocky163815d ago

Oh god, are you really telling me Jansen didn't have personality? XFD.

Christopher3815d ago

Wait... did someone really say that Mass Effect isn't an RPG? What next, Gears of War isn't a third person shooter? Killzone 2 isn't an FPS?

DEADEND3815d ago

He never said that Mass Effect isn't an RPG it's just that VC is more so that's all.

Christopher3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

I dunno, looks like that first part of the sentence was talking about people 'considering' them an RPG. Honestly, the value of an RPG isn't in which one is better, just in which one is a story more to your liking. It's like trying to label one Fantasy novel as more Fantasy than another Fantasy novel. It really doesn't work because they're both set in Fantasy worlds.

Edit: Actually DEADEND, after his post below, I think he kind of is saying that. I think people are confusing RPG with turn-based gameplay or something strange.

INehalemEXI3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

LO, was meh, I recently got VC but have not played it yet, cause I been on Demons Souls which is pretty crazy. SRPG is hard for me to get into. WKC looks deep I want.

kevnb3815d ago

then he would be even more wrong, mass effect is more an rpg than most jrpgs ever could be. rpg = role playing game, in mass effect you actually play a role and the story isnt 100% linear like it is in most jrpgs. JRPGs can be great, but I dont consider them to be more role playing games than non-linear wrpgs.

Halo3 MLG Pro3815d ago

Dude shredder, your a sony troll with 2 bubbles. You think anybody is going to respect your opinion?

Hallucinate3815d ago

@ dashredders edit...actually i havnt my first rpg was paper mario...(if thats even considered an rpg) on n64..i skipped all rpgs in the ps2 to me VC is one of the best games ive played

Obama3815d ago

There's a reason that VC is rated 10 whole points higher than LO :)

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Myst3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

For some reason I'm finding this hard to believe, I want to say yes, but at the same time I have many powerful feelings toward Demon's Souls and even the infamous Monster Hunter. Overall I think those three have done some great things for the field of RPGs and hopefully will set some standards for it. It's really hard to pick at this time when RPG genre is progressing rather nicely :/

Edit - If they are talking in terms of story wise then I suppose White Knight would indeed be leading, if they are talking game play wise then it would be hard for me to choose. Though not having played either Demon's Souls or White Knight yet, I can only vouch for Monster Hunter until I purchase the other two. Until then All three are my main RPGs of choice this generation.

DA_SHREDDER3815d ago

I have to disagree Nuri. Rpg's have taken a step in the wrong direction lately. Everyone doesn't understand the difference between an rpg and an action game with rpg elements. If Mass Effect is an RPG then so is God of War, and inFamous.

An rpg to me are games that has a story that makes you feel like your in the world that it is taking place in. Games like FF7, FFX, Grandia 3, Chrono Trigger, XenoGears, Dragon Warrior, all of those games I just named are true RPG's. I understand that this generation is most of your guy's first console and all, but you have never experienced a truly great rpg if you think VC, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect are great rpg's. The only true rpg this gen is LO and that game had crappy characters and a horrible story. I hope that WKC brings back the feeling that all of those old school rpg's used to give me.

Myst3815d ago

Oh no, yeah those are Action RPGs - yeah mostly RPGs such as FF1 through current ones are vastly different from what they used to be, but then again times are slowly changing in the field of RPGs. Chrono Cross and Trigger were both fun titles, as well as Phantasy Stars back on the Genesis. I would also add Final Fantasy VIII to that last just as well, because I like that one pretty much as much as VII but a bit under it.

I'm sure their are more that we both are probably forgetting but this combined with yours are some of the ones I can remember (Oh I just remembered one Xenosaga!). Anyway again I must reiterate that mainly it all depends on story, if it truly is indeed story wise I don't know, but monster hunter and Demon's souls can't fall into that category being that they have next to no story. As for White Knight it does, but it may just feel a bit weak compared to past ones, because of lack of nostalgia combined to it? Unlike various other franchises such as Phantasy star (when it was turn based) and even Final Fantasy.

Overall though I think that the attempt at the RPG is nice, and a return to some turn-based may be appreciated amongst gamers, but it seems like asking for that now would be rather impossible to gain; although I do share some of your sentiments in wanting some of those RPGs of old in which the story drags you in for the roller coaster ride the developers made.

You Already Know3815d ago

exactly da shredder...

imo..if a game has a party system, leveling up, tells you that you are in a battle by stopping everything and an INN...then it is an RPG....VC is only missing an INN...but it makes up for that with being turn-based...

Christopher3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Perhaps _you_ couldn't put yourself into the Mass Effect storyline, but I definitely could. I enjoyed it tremendously because not only that I felt a part of the storyline with my character, but I affected the storyline by my ability to be polite/rude, racist/tolerant, aggressive/withheld.

I could never feel a part of the Final Fantasy world, especially FF7. Why? Because a lot of it was a bit goofy for me, not very visceral, and it was also used a new and unfamiliar way of explaining all of the fantasy elements to me. Furthermore, my options in the game world were limited. I was reading a book, rather than molding a world around my character.

You want to talk about a true RPG, though? Planescape: Torment. Surprisingly, a game that heavily influenced many of the 'character driven' games out there today, including Mass Effect.

You seem a bit biased in what you consider an RPG, leaning way too much towards JRPGs. You might consider opening up a bit to consider that perhaps what you experienced is a distaste for the storytelling and gameplay, much like how you would not care for one novel over another. They're still both novels, possibly even great novels, but you don't have to like both and no one expects you to.

@You Already Know: You just described turn-based gameplay, not roleplaying. Roleplaying is taking on the role of one or more characters and controlling their decisions within the game. You don't need turn-based gameplay to do that, it can be done in real-time.

Jecht3815d ago

By far and wide. Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy Tactics destroy all other RPG's. You want difficulty? FFIV. You want plot twists and depth? FFTactics. For their time, the gameplay was superb. I have yet to play an RPG with better stories and characters than FFIV and FFTactics.

Another great series is the Suikoden series. Mass Effect is crap compared to these RPG's. Mass Effect is just a wannabe RPG in my opinion.

It's basically Star Wars with a greater emphasis on guns, pseudo magic, and a needlessly overstated and bloated conversation system. It's a shooter masquerading as an RPG.

Perkel3815d ago

Hi everybody !

What is RPG ?

it's ROLE=PLAYING+GAME. I love VC i own it but it's not a rpg its a good strategy game with exelent story and more over it's not even jrpg for christ sake !

If a game have a charracter that u can play a role like mass efect (to me it sucked ). U can be good or bad or sadistic or just stupid. You play a role. You are player, you direct, and you are talking.

In mass media people used to call rpg everything that has a statistics but it;s stupid, TERM RPG now don't work in proper way.

Look :

FPS ? First Person Shooter
(ages ago FPP First person perspective)eg. HALO , Killzone etc

TPS ? Third Person Shooter

Gears uncharted etc

RTS ? Real Time Strategy

red alert for eg

and now what is fun ?

RPG ! ROLE=PLAYIN game. You define characters and what is he doing.

RPG games:

HEAVY RAIN/FAHRENHEIT these two are 100% RPG
Baldurs Gate, Planescape T, MAss Effect, Witcher, Vampire Bloodlines, Fable, oblivion etc, even new Infamous

Not RPG games:

FF series, disgea, Diablo, etc.

I love ff8-9 but they aren't rpg at all. same as diablo series etc,

It's nor even about to make character that you must customize from beggining as in elder scrools it's about decisions you are making. For eg in FF7 you are not playing a role you just watching it, you can't decide that cloud will be happy boy or sad, For eg in fallout series u can talk with everybody yours way, For instance : I like playing a role of badass so if somebody ask me, " where is my money " i just say in your ass and i just shoot him, but i also may paid him, or beg him , if i'm a woman give him my ass for cash.. Playing a role thhis is wgat RPG are not armors , swords spells etc..

sory for my eng//

Jecht3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Did you just say that Final Fantasy is NOT an RPG?

You have to be kidding right? You understand don't you that the definition of RPG's WASN'T defined by Mass Effect right? It was defined by board games like DnD, then by games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Mass Effect comes around, uses loosely based RPG elements, and it pretends to be one. One can argue what an RPG is, however when you get down to basics, every game would essentially be an RPG. Since, as a definition, RPG is a Role-Playing Game, any game in which you play a role would technically be an RPG. So, in a sense, every game is an RPG.

This is what games like Mass Effect have done to the genre. They have made it so that there is no clear cut definition of an RPG anymore.

It's like, take Halo. You add a bloated conversation system, and leveling up, and is it an RPG?

Are there any lines anymore? What new game is going to take a different genre and then try to call it an RPG?

Are we going to have a WWE RPG? Where you control a wrestler's life, level up his wrestling skill and then it's an RPG? Well, some wrestling games have what's called a career mode where you essentially do just that. And it's still NOT called an RPG.

Games like Mass Effect seek a kind of exemption from the rules. Why is it that games that are exactly like Mass Effect AREN'T RPG's, but Mass Effect is? What makes it the exception?

No, games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Grandia and the like, these are RPG's. They DEFINED the genre from the very beginning, and they are what RPG's are.

Perkel3814d ago

@ jecht

RPG it's not about statistics, armor, speels etc as i said ! you can't choose anything in ffVii or FFVIII you just watch story like movie or anime

mass media just used to call games which have sttatiscics tons of armorsm, abilities you can develop RPG, it's a custom

You are right in use of D&D. Just look how people playing this ! It's ROLE playing ! not READ IT type. They play Roles they talkin witch each other They are doing some decisions they ACT.

FF in therms of mass media is used to call RPG like about 100 others "rpg" Everybody now uses rpg that rpg this but it is not technicaly true.

I also didn't like mass efect like i said in my post but it's a rpg.

Strip Mass efect from ablities biotics guns armors, levels. And it still be a RPG. In mass efect like in other rpg you are playing a role ! Get it ? Shepard or your custom XXX man/girl can do much dirent things in relationships. You can play a role of hero or scum you are director and actor = YOU PLAY A ROLE i ROLE-PLAYING game See ?

In FF games you just press x and can't decide anything in therms of dialogue. You are just watching a good story driven movie/anime.

Am I lying ? Say it's a lie.

Everybody loves to use RPG therm, on games which has no absolutly right to be called RPG,

I don't say it's horrible but you now it's kinda pissing that custom of naming rpg game everything that has statisics and story is going just out off rails of logical thinking.

Let's SUM UP :

you act

So called JRPG (not everyone !!!) -
you just watch it So you can't act so this is no rpg. Make FF XIII Witch lightning that would use dialogues when you can act, You can act like hurt girl, or true hero lady, or evil bi*ch that will sold her friends anytime.

And here comes a new pretender ! Valkyria Chronicles !
And now everybody make it JRPG ! It's Stupid ! it's not even JRPG it's not RPG at all ! It's Trully Strategic game like Close Combat (but less complicated) witch just a good long satysfaing story !

I LOVE VALKYRIA I LOVE FF GAMES But Valkyria is Strategic game and Final i just turn based hack and slash with very good and long story.

Where is a diffrence between Diablo , Deamon Soul and for Final Fantasy ? Theres none

Just it makes me mad when people must call something an RPG to sell or justify good long story.

Oh we can wear diffrent armor and the game has a story quite long ! It's a RPG ! / Sarcasm off

Perkel3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

@ Jecht

"RPG is a Role-Playing Game, any game in which you play a role would technically be an RPG. So, in a sense, every game is an RPG."

no, not every game is rpg Do you know what it means to PLAY ? Not to WATCH ? In Dead Space you Watching a role in FF you watch only dialogues of team members, but play oblivion for instance (oblivion kinda suck imo) you can't say you are watching you are playing a role. You and only you make decisions, Kill him or not kill him.

Some more, do you remember shenmue on dreamcast ? This is truly RPG ! You play a role you make decisions, you play the role. And this game don't have any armors and spells ! :) It's quite amusing watching people trying to classify this game when it's obviously RPG :)


Perkel3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

ONE more thing D&D games ARE BEST RPG EVER.



and sample of playing role playing game

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cmrbe3815d ago

this gen sofar. Lets see what WKC says about it.

SpoonyRedMage3815d ago

I thought LO was a great JRPG. I thought some of the characters were lacking(mostly Kaim tbh).

I think WKC is/will be fantastic and should get all the praise it deserves but if it does happen to get to the top I don't know if it will last.

The RPG I'm most looking forward to though is DQ IX on the DS, I don't think it will get the reviews it deserves though as reviewers will most likely complain that it should have been on a/the HD console(s).