Davis Daily - Back On N4G

Torrence Davis writes:
* Why I'm posting on N4G again
* The difference between an NDA and an embargo
* Too Human gameplay
* Infamous demo gameplay

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KionicWarlord2223806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I knew it torrence .


Finish watching it . Was great.

DarK-SilV3806d ago

what do you mean by "I knew it" ,torrence Does not need to post his stuff,his fans can do it for him ,but the problem is some sites took his work and posted on N4g without giving Thebitbag credit ,as if it was their work,
Now he is going to E3 ,and it could happen again since he is trying to post news everyday and we(fans) can not check thebitbag every hour,so somebody has to do it,

KionicWarlord2223806d ago

I was referring to what he said in video about why he didnt want to post on n4g."i knew it" was just a comment because i already understood why he didnt want to post on n4g.

Fishy Fingers3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Sorry, but the term, 'hypocrite' comes to mind. The simple matter of the fact is N4G is great for driving traffic towards your site and he's obviously realised there has been a dip in that.

The whole embed thing has always confused me, just dont offer the codes and you wont get embeded, I'm not sure why it's taken him/others that had a problem with it so long to wise up to that. Why offer the codes only to moan when people use them?

N4G is the reason I know this guys name/site along with many others such as HHG or PSLS. They should be thankful of that (as some are), you dont bite the hand that feeds.

DavidMacDougall3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

This ^

No wonder you got so many bubbles lol

DarK-SilV3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Fishy Fingers I agree with 100% ,but you have to remember N4G will be nothing without these sites,So it works both ways

Disagree all you want,it is a fact, N4G has no content of its own,without all the gaming sites, there will be no N4G,don't kid yourself

@DA_SHREDDER ,I know Torrence gaming history,just for people who doesn't know, Torrence had a site called ,the site was one of biggest site back then, if he had continued his work with his older site( would be as big as IGN,
what do you mean by"its your loss"

San Frandisco3806d ago

im 100% with you on that one man.. i do like N4G alot and am on here up to date on news but N4G never has stories of its own thats exclusive,at least that i know of....
its all based from other sites witch is definently not a bad thing but you were trying to make a point and ppl were disagreeing with no reply as to why.

this site would be alot more..interesting imo if it put effort into getting exclusive content or just content of its own as well as using other sites on here too.

Oztheboss3806d ago

I'm sorry, but who is Torrence Davis and why the hell should we care if he's 'back'?

DA_SHREDDER3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

@ Oz

If you dont know who he is then you have been missing out on alot of killer podcast and gaming news. Hes the coolest and most down to earth gaming media face in the industry. You should check out his website.

@Dark Siv

Torrence has been going to E3 before most of you ever grabbed a gaming controller. Its a shame that most of you take people with such passion for gaming like Torrence for granted. Oh well, its your loss.

Pennywise3806d ago

I have to disagree with your "one of the coolest" comments. Personally I dont like him from his past comments on N4G.

Ausbo3806d ago

you don't like him, because he isn't on sony's d*ck like you.

Captain Tuttle3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

And I'm with Fishy, (not the hypocrite part, it's just business)...don't want your videos embedded? Turn off the option. Problem solved with no drama.

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The story is too old to be commented.