Dawn of War II 1.3 update now available on Steam

Relic's strategy title Dawn of War II has received the large 1.3 update, now available on Steam.

The patch brings new maps, items, features and a host of fixes and improvements to the game.

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Myst3815d ago

Ah, this was one of the other games I was going to get for this summer! I may not be that good with RTS games; but I certainly do enjoy them and will certainly be picking this one up sooner or later. Especially since I always wanted to play the tabletop version of Warhammer and even Warhammer 40,000. Just didn't have the money nor enough people to play with :/

Charlie26883815d ago

If you are going to start playing the Warhammer Fantasy or 40K I recommend you buying the stuff online since most third party sites have from 15-20% off from Games Workshop products cuz buying on the GW site or physical stores is CRAZY expensive and lets not even start with paints adn tools that are around 40-50% cheaper on non GW sites >.>

Sometimes I wonder if third party sites can lower the prices that much just how insanly cheap the miniatures should be at production cost :S

Myst3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Eh, perhaps I should wait till I'm older and have more time, hard enough to find time to even play games that I buy or want to buy. Though I definitely want to play.

Never really trusted 3rd party sites (or is it 2nd?) for a lot of things, but after seeing those prices as GamesWorkshop. I feel that it may be best to try and look at some; but first I rather try and figure out what type of army I want to play in Warhammer fantasy as well as the 40,000.

Though thank you for the hint, makes me want to look at and bookmark a few sites.

Charlie26883815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

If you need help choosing and army for Fantasy I could give you some tips about the structure of each army (I did studied them all before choosing one) to help you choose one, sadly for 40K I am not that familiar (I am part of the group that started the Warhammer Fantasy revival in my community thanks to the initiative by GW to fuel more Fantasy, we were given all the tips and shortcuts for Fantasy by GW but we were left in the dark for 40K :P )

feel free to PM any time you might have a question :)

Myst3815d ago

Ah thank you, though I have been looking at dark elves seeing as I seemed to choose the most evil elves that I can if available (would have been my choice in WarHammer online to :p) Either way I'm on the site now and reading back up on them since they seem to be vastly different from the ones of D&D at least from my own viewpoint :p.

Though it must be nice to have one in your town, I don't even think mine has one; but certainly has a gaming group just no one plays probably :/

Will PM for any questions as I think I have a few that are already starting to arise in my mind as I read over the articles in the dark elf section. Bubbles to you for the help thank you :D

Charlie26883815d ago

Ewww...Dark Elves >.<

j/k :P ...or do I? ;)

Well right now DE are disputing 2nd place with Vampire Counts for the strongest Army on Fantasy and they are dancing in the thin line on Fantasy of powerful army or overpowered

When you are ready fire away with questions, I am always ready to help :)

Myst3815d ago

Ehh vamps, ever since that movie Underworld came about it's always vampires >:(! Anyway I still find the DE's fun to play, because they are practically cheating in D&D but have their weaknesses if exploited right, but if done in a wrong way you can still win xD.

By the way at the second part I have no idea what you said, I'm guessing their is a power balance type of thing going on?

Charlie26883815d ago

For the second part, you always hear from game makers how they make faction for the games as balanced as possible so they have their strengths and weaknesses and bla bla bla BUT in Fantasy 7th Edition things have changed...a LOT, Demons of Chaos have become absurdly overpowered to the point that you have to be mentally challenged or your opponent that best tactician EVER for you to loose...but that army is artificially "balanced" by having some of the most expensive units in the game...but if you have lots of money then that balance goes away...also for 7th Vampires Counts and Dark Elves got massive upgrades on strength with very little penalties both in game and monetary wise...that is why SO many people are buying them, other races received good balanced like Orcs and Goblins that I play that are now more fun to play and have less penalties and are more streamlined but other received heavy penalties like Lizardmen...the ones that were super powerful in 6th edition, that is why some people think that for 8th edition Demons, Vampires and D Elves will received heavy penalties to "balance" things out

Myst3815d ago

Oh I see now, things were mismatched due to an update so in a later expansion it will hopefully balance them out. I think I understand it a bit more, and can see why some people may be upset with the way they are now, it just seems unfair. I'd still stick by them but, I'll probably just look a bit more at some secondary or thirdly races that I may choose. Then again before I can even play It may be best to find some people in my town who play, because I don't even think we have people that still play, yet I found three locations that sell them so it may be okay :p. Though my only choices may very well be Dark Elves, Wood Elves, or High elves. Elf fanatic here :D

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