Klonoa Review (ZTGD)

ZeroTolerance writes: "If you spend any time in any circle of hardcore gamers you have no doubt heard mention of certain titles that were grossly overlooked. Names like Jersey Devil, Beyond Good & Evil and our subject at hand Klonoa are likely among the titles mentioned, and for good reason. Namco Bandai Games has decided to resurrect Klonoa by releasing a remake of Door to Phantomile for Nintendo's newest console, and hopefully introduce an entirely new breed of gamers to this classic platformer. With a cheaper price tag, a colorful mascot and superb gameplay Klonoa is easily one of the best additions to the console's library to be released this year."

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DanteLinkX3808d ago

Wich was an excellent 2.5D plarforming game from the n64 era, I am glad platformers haven't dissapeared completely this gen, I am surely going to pick this up :).

sukTHEfac3808d ago

this really is one heck of a game. dont let the graphics and the price of the game fool you. at $30 it's really a steal.

it's a little short, but my god it never gets dull

-hard core gamer whos fav games are l4d, killzone2, smash bros brawl, mario galaxy, so I do know what im talking about

get this game and support it!

PirateThom3808d ago

Played it back on the PS1 and it's as amazing now as it was then. If you're looking for a fun platformer, you're in luck.

kesvalk3808d ago

already have the game, it's wonderful...

AndrooC3808d ago

Damn you Americans!! Mine's preordered at patiently waiting for 22nd May!

Anyway I've got the Wii's best game (and one of the best games of this gen) - Little King's Story - to keep me busy! =)