Sega to drop new vintage DLC titles to PS3, Xbox 360

MArcu Lai writes -

Sega Corp. this week said that it will release the Sega Vintage Collection 2 to Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.
A total of seven titles will be available for download via Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Titles include Gunstar Heroes (XBLA, PSN), Altered Beast (XBLA), Shinobi (XBLA), Comix Zone (XBLA), Phantasy Star 2 (XBLA), and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (XBLA).

Additionally, Sonic and Knuckles will be released to Xbox Live in late summer 2009.

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Myst3810d ago

Aren't some of these just on the Sega Genesis Collection? Part of me wishes that sega would just either make a part II to the collection or have some kind of online package type of deal on PSN and XBLA. Either way, as long as sega brings back some oldies it's all pretty good, perhaps their could be a return of some Dreamcast titles?

Darkskyx3810d ago

ahhh dreamcast...the game i'm most looking forward to is seaman lol yea.....but that may never happen but a guy can wish can't he!

DrRobotnik3809d ago

What I truly would like to see, is for sega to grab some small and upcoming developers. And have them re-make all the great classics from the ground up. Or just a few. Take, for example, Sonic 2. Redraw all new animation and backgrounds. Remix but keep all the original music. And maybe add voices, and cut scenes between zones.(no cheesy voice overs either).That would be awesome.

thereapersson3809d ago

I thought we already knew this from the other articles posted on this site?

Droid Control3809d ago

Where the frak is SHENMUE?

I have Shenmue 2 on Xbox 360 already. (The game came out on the orginal xbox and plays great on 360)

Now i need shenmue 1 on XBLA!