New White Knight Chronicles Video

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"We have the latest video of White Knight Chronicles, which is set to make it's official North American debut at E3."

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Sev3806d ago

We have the video in HD as well.

Uploading now.

Chris3993806d ago

And the voice work seems like it's coming along nicely. You ever watch some trailers that give you chills?

That's what it's like for me when I see WKC media. Very, very excited about this game.

-EvoAnubis-3806d ago

This game is going to be a great RPG. The online has shades of Monster Hunter, which is a plus.

I really am hoping for holiday release.

Myst3806d ago

I've seen quite a few things you have done with your site and information you have made available to people. This by far has captured much of my attention in anticipation for this title to reach the shores of North America. You sir deserve a bubble :)

Sev3806d ago

@ Nuri,

Thank you. :)

I bubbled you back.

Nitrowolf23806d ago

Man i use his site everyday

Myst3806d ago

@Sev: Thanks :)

That trailer has got me pumped and excited for E3.

Kain813806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


This is a Great Game from a Great dev (LEVEL 5)

Edit: sorry Sev i cant give you Bubbles, cause i gave you one already for the PS3Slim Rumor article^^

PotNoodle3806d ago

I can honestly say sev, you and your site are one of the best contributers to N4G.


Mindboggle3806d ago

Hey im bookmarking your site....You seem to be getting alot of exlcuisves recently...Keep it up !

Veneno3806d ago

Cant wait to see what the online is like.

StalkingSilence3806d ago

Guys, I work on PlayStation LifeStyle with Sev - there are so many things the site has coming. This momentum isn't stopping soon.


antoinetm3806d ago

i just hope that I can swtich to original japanese voice acting + subtitles...

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Skyreno3806d ago

Ahhh Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love voice finally english lol

-EvoAnubis-3806d ago

I'm really excited for this game. Loved Rogue Galaxy.

Araceae3806d ago

Rogue Galaxy was a lot of fun. I can’t wait for WKC, as Level-5 make great games.

TheBand1t3806d ago

Dark Cloud 2 > Rogue Galaxy.

In my humble opinion, anyway.

callahan093806d ago

Awesome! I'm obsessed with this game, as it is. It's so addictive. I would like to play it in English, but I hope that they retain the Japanese voice-overs and let us play it with subtitles, because Leonard's voice sounded really awful there, and other than the narrator it didn't seem like the dubbed acting held a candle to the Japanese voices. Also, I hope they change the trophies, because I've got over 40 hours into the Japanese version and I've only unlocked 4 bronze trophies so far. The trophies in this game are literally insane. If you thought 10,000 kills for a single gold trophy in Resistance 2 was bad, then you won't like the trophies in this game. Each one of the gold trophies in this game (and I think there are 7, maybe 8 of them) will take far longer to get than that trophy in Resistance 2.

Araceae3806d ago

Yeah, in a recent developer interview on the PSBlog the guy said he’d be very surprised if many people were able to get the platinum. I look forward to the challenge.

callahan093806d ago

Unfortunately for the trophies in this game, it isn't much of a "challenge" so much as a GRIND. I mean, I wouldn't call it challenging to have 10,000,000 gold in my wallet at once, or to kill 10,000 enemies... it's just something requires you to go out there and grind a ridiculous amount of hours away until it's done. These are the sort of annoying trophies that are just *a matter of time* ... but that doesn't mean the game isn't ridiculously fun. I love the game. I just don't have enough time to ever dream of getting most of the trophies.

DJ3806d ago

This actually looks just as interesting as FFXIII. The game's definitely come a long way from that old TGS demo in what, 2007? Mad props to Sev for getting this up.

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The story is too old to be commented.