Dante has no "lead platform," says Visceral

VG247: Dante's Inferno is being developed equally across PS3 and 360, producer Jonathan Knight has told VG247, and the game has no "lead platform" to speak of.

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Gamer_Politics3811d ago

hope some new info/gameplay comes at E3

Christopher3811d ago

Dante's Inferno takes no side in the console war, wants all platforms to be profitable in the end.

XxZxX3811d ago

dont let them foul you. This is just nice words they put out to please everybody. In real developements world, that's always a lead platform. They just dont want to tell you which they are using, that's all

iHEARTboobs3811d ago

Well, didn't IW have two separate teams developing the PS360 versions of Modern Warfare? And I thought they were doing the same with the sequel.

3811d ago