Nextgamer: Red Dead Redemption preview

Nextgamer published their Red Dead Redemption preview

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Myst3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Rockstar, the mastermind behind many top series including Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club, this year with a new Wild West game on the market. It's about the continuation of Red Dead Revolver that appeared in 2004. The second part called Red Dead Redemption takes place at the end of the 19th century and train hijackings, robberies are notorious back to order. Of course, Rockstar plans to the first part to surpass.

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Myst3809d ago

In 2004 appeared Red Dead Revolver on the market. They played like Red, a real tough cowboy from as we know many Wild West films. Life of Red was not just about roses. His precious family was killed by Mexican bandits under the leadership of General Diego. When Red was older and had gained experience with regard to weapons, he took revenge on the bloody murders of his family. It was your job to set off to find General Diego. On came the enemies against you you without mercy from the road had to overcome. Now 5 years later is the second part of the series to come out only Red past.

Red Dead Redemption occurs late 19th early 20th century in the Wild West, and you crawl in the skin of John Marston, a fugitive cowboy. Because the game early 20th century play is unfortunately possible that this also means the end of the series. At that time, started slowly the end of the Wild West. John Marston is on the run ever since he was a cruel man with many enemies. It is certainly not unlikely that you en route along the U.S. border many bad guys behind you will have your head like a less to make.

Myst3809d ago

But like everyone else, people can improve their lives and that is what John Marston will do. He changes his bandit to someone who represents the law, and who violate the law with him to get the stick. Fire fights are so regularly at issue. Fortunately you are not alone and you on the road with your faithful pet, a horse!. In the game you learn to know other characters, each with its own story. It is also important to know who your friends and enemies. Red Dead Redemption is probably an extensive and fascinating story by which you will lead the Wild West. More in our review of the game.

Rockstar has many free roaming games and this game is also one of them. So, an open world to explore filled villages, prairies with dangerous animals, dusty deserts and many mountain passes. We can still expect that the environment is beautiful to see because not long ago, Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Redemption will use the RAGE engine. This engine is also used in games like GTA IV and Midnight Club: LA. Like in GTA IV is the game split into three different areas, each with its own name. The first area is called "The Frontier" or the rugged west. There is also an area in Mexico near the U.S. border, are expected here much corruption and bandits. Finally there is an area full of pine forests and developed cities. Which cities are is unknown.

Myst3809d ago

On the basis of the first information and images on the internet to see, our expectations around Red Dead Redemption very high. The first video's look good and show many characteristics of those from the Wild West. Old steam trains, cowboys on horses, fire fighting and much more! It is also very cool that Rockstar three different areas, all differ and you do not feel that you have been there several times. Because Red Dead Redemption uses the RAGE engine, the graphics are solid no disappointment. But to be honest I know very little top Wild West games, hopefully Rockstar is here to change.

Worthless, bad, okay, good, great

(They had it rated as good)

Myst3809d ago

Ok translation made and I broke it down by paragraphs that are made within' the article, overall definitely looking forward to this game especially since it's steampunk.

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Brixxer6003809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

They had me at "Open world" , a GTA style game set in the old wild West just sounds cool and i'm looking forward to this.

+ bubbles for the translation.