SlingPlayer Mobile For iPhone Finally On Its Way, WiFi Only writes:

"The long wait for SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone seems to be nearly over. The Internet has been abuzz all morning with news that Sling Media is finally ready to take the wraps off of its highly anticipated application, but it seems to have gone through a couple changes thanks to AT&T and Apple.

SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone will not only support current Slingboxes, which includes the Pro-HD and Solo models, but it will also work with legacy Slingboxes like the Classic, AV, and Tuner models. The only difference is that the legacy models won't be officially supported, as in if you have trouble with the device, don't go calling Sling Media."

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cpuchess3811d ago

Wow does that suck. Wifi only, great if you are in a big city but not out in the country. I would of bought it today, but I won't buy it without the 3G support.

cpuchess3811d ago

Follow this link to see how to use your Slingplayer over 3G on your Iphone.