Critter Crunch PlayStation Network Barf

Kris Piotrowski on Official PlayStation Blog:

"Hello, new best friends!

This is Kris. I'm the creative director at Capy, which means I'm by-far the coolest guy at the studio. And Capy is pretty cool, so that's not just talk. Anyway, who is Capy, right? Well, Capy is an indie studio from the sometimes frozen, other times disgustingly humid Canadian wonderland known as Toronto.

So, um, check this trailer…but only if you're down with technicolor barf!"

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DeforMAKulizer3807d ago

Extremely cute!!! =D
A pop-out-of-no-where new PSN game hehe =D
I love the art style, and the little creatures hehe...
Local and online coop and versus, im in! =D

DEADEND3807d ago

Damn where am I going to get the money for all these games that are coming out, I mean OMG from PSN to PS3 exclusives to even multi-plat games. It's so good to own a PS3 right now but man we are all going to be broke by the end of the year.

Cajun Chicken3807d ago

PSN just RULES with the puzzle games. Looking like once another one to look forward to play, whats happening with Trash Panic?

housegroove763807d ago

Im biting the bullet for trash panic. I want that game so bad!!

as for the main topic, this game doesnt look too shabby either.

Handsome_Devil3807d ago

seems really fun to play, getting it as soon as it comes out.

oh yeah it looks like SONY offer start to get some indie developers to the PSN.