First Uncharted 2 single-player footage revealed on GTTV this Thursday night

Geoff Keighley has updated his Twitter with the following statement:

"On Thursday night GTTV will be airing the first single-player footage from Uncharted 2. And it looks great!"

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Sony Rep3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Nice... hopefully long footage.

In terms of single player experiences, Uncharted 2 will be unmatched.

Muggles3807d ago

And with multiplayer as a bonus, this game is going to be great. Love you Naughty Dog!

andthensum3807d ago

This is yet another reason to buy inFamous and look forward to this Fall for upcoming PS3 exclusives.

DavidMacDougall3807d ago

The multiplayer looks like Gears of War but your not a fat guy who's held down by spam

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3807d ago

If we don't count the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to sneak us some hidden cam footage lol.

WhittO3807d ago

Agreed, i also love that they havent taken any of the team away from developing the SP campaign and instead hired more people just for the MP, so the SP campaign will be as great as the first.

Lifendz3807d ago

Infamous, KZ2, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, God of War III....and I know I'm forgetting some games.

Zydake3807d ago

Agreed Sony's on a roll

MAR-TYR-DOM3807d ago

MGS4 takes a crap on Uncharted story, and whatever 2 does it will wipe its ass on it.... ;) Jokes, but still, this game is gonna be crazy and i think MGS4 had an unmatchable story, just IMO!

christian hour3807d ago

Agreed Lifendz. Thats the great thing about been on the fence in the console "wars". If a console has a bad year games wise, you still have another console to bet on! You never get left out of all that gaming has to offer :) So whether it's the 360 or ps3's year, as it seems to change every DAY around here, I always have good games to play.

skatezero2463806d ago

but it's going to have some strong competition with God of War 3 ... gotta love how both are only on Playstation

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Kain813807d ago

I thought this would be Shown at E3

LordMarius3807d ago

guess that means Sony has more in store for E3. WOW

LordMarius3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I bet all the nominated games will be PS3 exclusives

ThunderSpark3807d ago

I like the PS3 but I definitely don't care about Uncharted. Gears of War was a much more compelling TPS to me. Can't wait to see what Microsoft and Sony bring to the table this E3.

iHEARTboobs3807d ago

GEARS is strictly a TPS, Uncharted isn't.

raztad3807d ago

I guess you havent played the first Uncharted:D. It's ok if you feel satisfied with only one game in the genre, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that Gears has a better TPS than Uncharted, and even if it is the case Uncharted has variety, platforming, beat 'em up. If you have a ps3 Uncharted 1 is a must.

Ichiryoka3807d ago

You failed thats what happened!!!

mastiffchild3807d ago

Fair enough, if you dislike Uncharted that's up to you, you can't help what you like and as that is your opinion I don't see why you got the disagrees.

However, why bore yourself reading news, and posting about it, when you have no interest in the game?

N4G puzzles me. I also fail to see any similarity between U2 and Gears2(or the first games)apart from the TPS stuff. Gears is an adrenaline rush-big dumb fun with a big smile on it's face and big boots on it's big feet-which is great. Uncharted has much more variety in it's gameplay-puzzles, stealth, hand to hand, exploration-which, too, is fantastic. I think I quite like them both mainly because they're different to each other in many, many ways-prolly my two favourite IP of this gen action wise.

Araceae3807d ago

Oh no, they both have a cover system and third person shooting… I must compare them, I must! Or, you could realize they are two totally different games. Each to their own, but I prefer the art direction, characters, and feel of Uncharted over Gears.

nycredude3806d ago

This guy doesn't care about a game he never planned on playing, yet felt compelled to read a thread about it and also comment on it.

Hmmm. Troll much?

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