G4TV: 'DC Universe Online' Impressions

G4TV: While much has already been written about Sony Online's upcoming superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, there's one question that has, up to now, been left unanswered: What's the combat like? After all, the brunt of this game is not going to be meeting people, starting a career, or wandering around aimlessly in hopes of finding something to do, it's going to be about kicking ass and taking names.

Well, that question was answered recently when SOE held an event in Los Angeles to show off the PC version of the game (there's also a PS3 edition, but it was on vacation in the Bahamas or something). And while it is still a work-in-progress, our hands-on time with it gave us a good sense of how we'll be fighting evil (or good) in this game.

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