Game difficulty taking a backseat

NintendoDpad writes:
"With Contra Rebirth being released with infinite continues and selectable lives, we thought it would be appropriate to see what other devs think of this modern casualization in games."

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avantgarde843808d ago

Ghost and Ghouls killed me when i was younger.

GWAVE3808d ago

Yeah. That was a tough game.

I admit though. As I get older and my tastes change, I'm more interested in fun games with cool mechanics or a good storyline as opposed to a game with a steep challenge. If they're difficult, that's cool, but I grew up playing all the "OMG difficult!" games. Playing tough games doesn't make a person some kind of uber-hardcore gamer or anything.

Perfect recent example: Flower on the PSN. It wasn't a difficult game, but it was a completely new experience unlike any other game on the market. I'll take that over a Ninja Gaiden wannabe any day of the week.

Pennywise3808d ago

All I have to say is LOL to the crybabies that cant handle a challenge. Growing up on games like Ninja Gaiden and Battle Toads, I find the new easy difficulties a disappointing trend. I feel like a broken record, but Demon's Souls is really refreshing and challenging. I want to see more games like this.

SpoonyRedMage3808d ago

Well Demon Souls may be a rare example of a well-recieved difficult game because there's still plenty of difficult games but they tend to get negative reviews for it. Look at God Hand.

Pennywise3808d ago

True, but to cater to these kids who cant handle a challenge ruins the game.

Look at one of my favorite series - Prince of Persia. What a joke the last one was. Very disappointing.

SpoonyRedMage3808d ago

I totally agree with that. It is obvious that series are getting easier and easier, I think it's a lot more obvious in JRPGs.

Of course that's why Difficulty options were made, make an easy mode(and don't mock the player for choosing it) and then have the higher difficulties. Devil May Cry(the original anyway) seems to have it right, the higher difficulties are near impossible(for me anyway).

Product3808d ago

Thats the sad part about it though is why must we even select a difficulty?

I remember when there was one setting. Insane.

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