Redesigned PS3 to be Revealed at E3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Of course this is just yet another rumor, as there is no official confirmation. But we caught word that Sony is set to not only reveal the PSP Go at E3, but another hardware redesign will be debuted as well.

We didn't get any specifics, but we speculate that it could be one of a couple different options."

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Gue13807d ago

And first than a redesigned X360? Seriously, what is MS doing? Still fixing RRoD? LoL ;)

Mr_Bun3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Is it safe to assume you would rather a FAT PS3?

Edit: How did my comment get above Fat-American...buoyancy?

tawak3807d ago

well said mr. fat american
fat is for fat =)

Kain813807d ago

I hope it is not only a rumor, cause iam extrem iterrested in the Slim version of PS3. This will be my second PS3^^

Hope they announce it soon

Sev3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Well, let's put it this way.

There will be two separate hardware redesigns at E3. PSP Go, and something else... :)

Wait until you see what else we have before E3.

PS - The "hardware redesign" could be referring to a PS3 Motion controller, however I don't think that is the case as that is more of an accessory, than it is "hardware".

Mindboggle3807d ago

Well Sev this is your rep on the line so I hope you dont dissapoint....Just remember if this is wrong noone will ever believe you again...However youve been pretty accurate in the past..

Mr_Bun3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Sev knows his rep. is on the line and that is why he isn't STATING what the hardware design will be...he is only SPECULATING.

Sev is getting our hopes up though!

Lifendz3807d ago

I plan on ordering pizza, having some brews handy, and enjoying a day devoted to gamers. Good times.

madmonkey03807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

PS3 slim could make a dent in the 360 sales in NA. it will add a whole new buzz to the PS3 and vastly increase sales. probably on a temporary increase and then back down to where they are now. unless it comes with a price cut. still will be cool and good for sony, as it would surely be cheaper to produce.

J8M7G3807d ago

but only if it drops in price when/if PS3 slim comes out.

Saigon3807d ago

I do remember posting on another site the redesign plans...and they do look sweet...

hay3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@Mindboggle: I hope it's just a stupid joke. Rumors are meant to be... Uncertain hence the caution in the article.

Either way, can't wait. Standard PS3 looks cool enough to get me interested in this redesign.

Sev3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ Mindboggle,

I've got something coming soon, that will ensure no one will ever question my rep again.

Another week or so.

Apparently, TotalPlayStation has called my bluff, which has made me even more determined.

LordMarius3807d ago

Maybe they will just add BC back and that will be its redesign feature.

fat-american3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

this is fake

only gay people would but a ps3 slim.

eagle213807d ago

Two PS3's is the only thing better than a PS3. :)

SpoonyRedMage3807d ago

I think it's funny that you claim the 360's sales are inflated due to secondary, teritary etc. purchases and yet you're talking about having multiple PS3 or planning to in the future.

However a Slim PS3 could be nice, it all depends how "slim" it is. The PS1 and PS" redeisgns were much smaller.

GVON3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

" I've got something coming soon, that will ensure no one will ever question my rep again.

Another week or so."

People of N4G,don't listen :)

We'll go on his site in the next week or so,only to find out he's done a silogone and vanished (lol)
Be brave and resist the temptation,we've all been hurt before :)

ah a disagre,silogon is that you,were's our tears of blood game/Sony made ninja game?

Edit 2

Man if they do release it I'm not sure what to do,especially if it has no BC and SD slots,I used the SD to backup my saves incase it dies,also what about how easy it would be to update the hdd with the one I've got.So many questions on this.

locos853807d ago

That would be great price drop with a PS3 slim. The only thing I would want is for them to stop locking game saves. I want to be able to take my save and game to a friends house or from my PS3 in the living room to the one PS3 slim in my bedroom.

Pennywise3807d ago

Sev, I think you have already secured your rep. Keep the info coming and screw the haters!

-EvoAnubis-3807d ago

Wait, huh? What happened?

Sev3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ Evo,

@ below,

Not sure when I want to run it. Still debating.

-EvoAnubis-3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Ah, I see. So how do you want to play this? I know what you're thinking about doing. When do you want to run it?

Edit: Ok. Not too soon, though. You know why.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3807d ago

product and retail box shots of the new PSP....let's see which one wants to get in sh1t with their insider info first.

Pennywise3807d ago

Wait a minute... Sev ARE YOU SILIGON?

LuvBurger3807d ago

I wouldn't have reached out to Mr. Severino during the holiday season unless his character and reputaion were anything but respectable

ultimolu3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I hate you Sev.

Damn you and your connections.

Plz let it be a PS3 slim. *__*

EDIT: I do not! Joo teaser! >_<

Sev3807d ago

@ Pennywise...

Certainly not. Siligon ran VGtilt, a site that was around for a couple weeks, and lied blatantly over and over.

My site has been around for a year, and I am not a fly by night operation.

@ Ultimolu, don't lie! You know you secretly love me :)

Panipal20053807d ago

"Apparently, TotalPlayStation has called my bluff, which has made me even more determined."

Um, no they didn't. I did. In my own name. And I'm not associated with TotalPlaystation or any gaming site (certainly not yours Siligon1512).

Yes I surely did call you out about whether you'd have anything to show relating to Trico or Heavy Rain due to the fact that Trico wasn't to be shown at Sony Gamer's Day (nothing before E3) and what was shown of Heavy Rain was embargoed until E3...those two specific claims I you think you have something of an ace up your sleeve that'll show me up in a few days time?

Because, um, I've since heard that the embargo for Heavy Rain was brought forward to the 26th, then brought forward again to the 22nd!

So you might very well have something to show of HR on PS Liestyle next week or before E3, but see, since I'm well aware of the changes to the embargo dates and I'm declaring what I know now, sorry Silligon, it's not going to look like you got one over on me at all.

Bnet3433807d ago

I'll be phucking pissed ... My PS3 isn't even a year old yet.

GVON3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

If you got the impression he was silogon from my post above,I was just trying to be humorous,by implying he was going to do a silogon and vanish.apologises for any confusion :)

I tried posting on your site sev but I don't think the Ps3 browser works there,I get a 404 error,so i'll post it here.

I was trying to picture were they could cut from the current model,they would need the HDD so it could get rotated 90° that would cut size.
Lose a inch in height by getting rid of the front flap area
add the power brick outside (not something I want) that would drastically remove weight and height
they could use that hybrid cell/rsx chip,you would also get away with a smaller fan then.
I'm sure the Blu drive can and has been shrunk.

I think Sony have been great at this before,and if look at the Ps2 original,it looks a lot like Ps3 hopefully they get a similar result,

Mr_Bun3807d ago

Anyone care to enlighten us as to why Panipal has his butt puckered?

DJ3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

After getting hammered last time around. Just some angry member of a random site. We've seen it before.

*Edit: Oh thank god, he's out of bubbles. LOL

Panipal20053807d ago

And what site would that be genius?

Sev3807d ago

I banned Panipal from PSLS last year, and he has been stalking me ever since.

He appears on 75% of the articles I submit to bash me and my site.

Speaking of which, panipal, I never said I was revealing anything about Heavy Rain, that was just one of E3 nods I included in that little excerpt.

Mr_Bun3807d ago

I noticed you took the high road by not revealing what Panipal did to warrant a ban...apparently the ban wasn't for being mature or insightful.

WhittO3807d ago

hes not putting rep on the line since it is a RUMOUR !!

Why can people not understand that a Rumour is not fact ?

Ju3807d ago

Ah...we all wish for a new PS3. Sure, why not. But what if its a new PS2, indeed. With Bluetooth, a 16GB flash mem (for PSN and store) WiFi, HDMI + scaler and new wiggle controllers to counter the Wii for less then $200 ?? (and DS3 compatible, so PS3 & 2 can share the same controllers). I actually don't need a slim PS3, but a mainstream PS3 for $299 should do just fine.

edgeofblade3807d ago

And why do we feel the need to buy a second or third PS3? Isn't one enough or is this a loyalty issue?

Pennywise3807d ago

[email protected] everyone wondering why I asked if he was siligon. Panipal suggested it in the link Sev posted.

Sev - Thank goodness. I didnt think so. He was a turd. I used to get into it with him all the time, but you on the other hand seem like a cool guy.

anh_duong3807d ago

don't think a redesigned ps3 will be at e3.

solidsnakus3807d ago

lol, this is the biggest bs ive ever heard, they post any bullshat just to get hits and label it as rumor on n4g. ps3 slim 2 years into the ps3 lifecylce riiight...

Pennywise3807d ago

Oh solid, I feel bad for you. You are such a negative person. You do know that Sony is aware of the HUGE demand for a price cut, right? Is it that hard to believe they are going to achieve this via a redesign? Wake up.

StalkingSilence3807d ago

The following is not a rumor: some people waste all too much time trying to discredit PSLS.

Why don't you guys just so somewhere else or not comment here? You are aware the conversation boosts this article up and "heats" it up on N4G? I think a few of you "haters" secretly enjoy PSLS.

ARog343807d ago

...I saw you brought up a new motion controller that would 'deal' with a newer PS3 model...

BUT, specifically, does SIXENSE technology have anything to do with it? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... I saw that demo on PSLS long ago- and that peripheral BLEW MY MIND! (just check people).

I don't really need a new model, but a new innovative controller (Full motion X, Y, Z planed SIXENSE) would be a must buy for me...! :)

s8anicslayer3807d ago

why do all of us launch hardware buyers get rucked all the time? why don't those geniuses come up with these designs in in 1st gen hardware releases?

Sev3807d ago

@ Slime,

I am definitely not gamesblow. In fact Gamesblow doesn't like me all too much. Mainly because I am reliable and he isn't.

BWS19823807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

some people would buy multiple PS3's (or any console), how is it different than having different tv's or DVD players in the same house....maybe people have one for their children, one for the den, or maybe one in the bedroom and one in the family room for blu-rays. Or maybe they have one at their gf's place or at their work office, who knows? It doesn't have to be "a loyalty thing" for crying out loud. If someone can afford it, who are you to judge them?

And also, the times when people speculated that Microsoft's numbers were off on install bases because people replaced RRoD 360's by buying new ones, or IF MS used refurbished ones in their numbers for # shipped, that was completely different than the few posters here now who said they'd buy 2 PS3's, they aren't replacing them, they're buying an additional one to go with their already functioning current one. Whether or not that speculation about 360 #'s is true is unknown if you ask me, but that's not the same as when people want a second PS3 to go with their first one.

Nemo883807d ago

Most change we will see hardware wise I say is colours, new PS3 firmware 3.0 (depending on when in-game chat is done),maybe a new Dual Shock, and MAYBE BC. No Slim.

Just not going to happen...redesign? Maybe internals sure to cut costs (or what I'd be I'd also be happy with: a new Dual Shock design- better triggers, slightly bigger, more accurate sixaxis)

But Slim? Unlikely. Sony been hit pretty bad by the recession, they don't need to be wasting time/money R&D a new console at this point in time, even if they could eventually bring to market cheaper.
There's testing, probably changing manufacturing robots, re-training production staff and other costs to initially get it out there. One would have to factor these costs in, versus keeping the same machinery, etc driving production costs down, and raking in the profits. Probably followed with a price drop in September.

I'd like to be wrong but its so unlikely.

solidsnakus3807d ago

i mainly only post when its something that i disagree with this whole 'rumor' about the ps3 slim is just downright dumb and taken straight out of their ass. n4g is reaching an all time low now that hhg and all these stupid ass morons are making video game websites and making up bs rumors for hits, this is a perfect example of that. they NEED to ban these sites from posting "news" on here. of course we all want a ps3 slim but it isnt going to happen this early in the ps3s lifecycle. what happend to the "10 year lifecycle" thing? you think 3 years in there going to make it ? it doesnt even make sence from a business standpoint. theyll wait till the demand starts droping before they release the better version

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ThatCanadianGuy3807d ago

If they announce a PS3 Slim.. i'll be buying a third PS3 !

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3807d ago

I'll prolly trade in my ps3 and get the new slim though. no need for 2 ps3's. The only problem is if Gamestop wil accept ps3's without hard drives. Cuz i'm definately not giving up my 320 gigs.

WhittO3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

i actually dont want a ps3 slim, my ps3 has an entire shelf to itself and looks great and expensive, if i was smaller/slimmer my shelf would look empty lol (and i think make ps3 look a little less expensive).

I dont have probs at all with noise levels or heat levels, so really i dont have many reasons why i would upgrade.

I also have the 60gb so already have BC and mem-card slots, with 4 usb slots lol, guess that was the only time it was good to be an early adopter.

O just thought, maybe this is the same re-design as the 40gb, meaning possible price-cut ?

7thNightvolley3807d ago

trade my black 80gb one for a 500Gb slim any day. give me 1 Tera even better.

ceedubya93807d ago

I'm not sure I could give up my original 60 gig. I might be in the market for a slim PS3 in the far future though.

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ELite_Ghost3807d ago

ps3 slim with price drop ftw or ps3 slim with games ftw