IGN AU Review: Infamous

IGN AU writes:

"It may seem a bit of a leap for Sucker Punch to move from Sly Cooper to Infamous, but there's absolutely continuity in design and gameplay here, just focused in a different direction. The team's talent is certainly evident once again, and we've thoroughly enjoyed playing through Infamous. Putting aside our minor quibbles with the predictable structure and repetition in missions, Infamous succeeds in countless areas. Most importantly, the movement and combat mechanics are fantastic, while the firefights (and the starring role of electricity) are a true spectacle. In this game the city is both your playground and your plaything, and you'll feel like a bad-ass."

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PirateThom3810d ago

"You just got Palpatined."

ThaGeNeCySt3810d ago

i don't know why but this has me guffawing uncontrollably in front of my PC

HighDefinition3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

IGN will probaly give it a 9.2-9.4

Edit: Nevermind, they did give it a 9.2

Nikuma3809d ago

A 8.6???? OMG FLOP!!!!!! LOL ps3 nerds your console fails again! I bet it won't sell 2 million in one day like HALO3!!! LOLFAIL!

Seriously tho, this game looks sick and I have it preordered and paid in full. Can't wait to play it!!

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Omega43810d ago

I bet this IGN review wont even make the front page lol

mintaro3810d ago

It will, but not nearly the amount of hype as the US review.

sonarus3810d ago

Its a good review still so i don't see why not. Infamous is lookin like win just like i predicted:D. Now if prototype scores as well thats just 2 great open world action games for PS3 owners to enjoy:D

thor3810d ago

It's obviously not going to draw as much heat since IGN US is the "main" site.

Anyway the reviews seem to have followed the usual pattern; IGN US>IGN UK>IGN AU. IGN AU are just a little harsher on most games.

gambare3810d ago

coming form IGN AU I think they gave a great score, if not superb

Gun_Senshi3810d ago

cool down to 4 bubbles.

Troll on!

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SpoonyRedMage3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Didn't Sony make a site pull their review when they gave it an 8.7?

OR have I got the wrong end of the stick?

EDIT: I did get the wrong end of the stick.

PirateThom3810d ago

That review had factual errors. I doubt it was pulled because of the score.

heyheyhey3810d ago

why would they pull it because of the score anyway? 8.7 is a great score

thor3810d ago

No the site had illegally obtained a copy of the game and released a review before the embargo ended (FYI it actually ends on the 20th of May I think, IGN has special privileges).

gaffyh3810d ago

They'd only pull a review if they put it up before the embargo was lifted.

SpoonyRedMage3810d ago

Ahh well then thanks for claifying that. I haven't read the review itself you see.

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iistuii3810d ago

JAGGIES.......can they actually do aa on the sony machine .K2 wasn't too bad but as for most others its a jag fest.

ThatCanadianGuy3810d ago

Play Mass effect on 360.

Than come back and tell me what a "Jag fest" is..

heyheyhey3810d ago

are you basing this on the image? because i just saw the IGN video review, and there weren't any issues with jaggies

if you are basing this on the article image, then.. LOL!!!

and yes they can do AA on the PS3.. play Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4, LBP.. hell play most exclusives

RyuStrife3810d ago

GT5:Prologue can do 720P 4xAA or 1080P(horizontally) with 2xAA both at 60fps. All this is according to digital foundry. Anyway, PS3 can do it, it's just whether the developer choose to put it in or not. Reasons may be due to other shortcomings, they decide to leave it out.

iHEARTboobs3810d ago

I'm actually playing Mass Effect right now. I'm enjoying it so far but it does have it's fair share of issues. I just hope they upgrade their elevators for the next one. haha

ultimolu3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Epic fail is epic indeed.

It amazes me how you can even talk about jaggies to begin with. I have eleven PS3 exclusives and I have yet to see jaggies that interfered with my gameplay.

Infamous won't be any different and I can't wait to pick it up.

Let the haters keep hating because in the end they'll miss out.

u got owned3810d ago

Most games this generation suffer from jaggies, the only game that i can think of that has superb anti aliasing is MGS4

3809d ago
3809d ago
mastiffchild3809d ago

Calm down fellas! This isn't a real war you know. There's no need to use words like "slut" or bring someones mum into this-younger kids could be reading chaps so take it easier, please?

Game looks cool as but I don't think in terms of looks it's up there with MGS4 or KZ2 but as a sandbox game it's not likely to be-they always have to compromise somewhere and if the odd tiny jaggie is the outcome then nobody will really notice during gameplay.

Lets just hope P'type can climb out of all the"Hulk" comparisons and give us another great game to eat up our summers with(northern hemisphere only I guess-soz Aussies but you don't get a winter as cold as our UK simmer anyhow so you'll bne fine;)-my moneys on a tight race between the two! inFAMOUS by a short nose I recksons.

slave2Dcontroller3809d ago

Thanks for putting things back in perspective. What I said was just as uncalled for as what vagisil said.

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heyheyhey3810d ago

IGN AU always gives the lowest score.. nice score anyway!