Andy Murray Features On Grand Slam Tennis Wii EU Box Art

EA Sports have just released the box art for Grand Slam Tennis in Europe. Unlike the North American version, which features Roger Federer, John McEnroe and Serena Williams in cartoon form, the European cover has gone for a more realistic approach.

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Selyah3808d ago

Quite cool that they've made it relevant to the British in that respect ^^

mephman3808d ago

I wonder if they'll list him as English, like Virtua Tennis did. Oopsy. :P

ShawnCollier3808d ago

I guess they must have reasoned that using a cartoon look for the the North American version would get more kids or something to buy it.

ChickeyCantor3807d ago

Or thats just how the "casual" audience works there.
Dunno, I mean if its for the kids, why wouldn't they do it everywhere?
Since "kids" are basically the biggest income.