Kingdom Heart 358/2 days : Gameplays and Screenshots

Square Enix has published today two new gameplays and a lot of screenshots for it's new Kingdom Heart on Nintendo DS, Kingdom Heart 358/2 days.
The game will be released in Japan on may 30.

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MasFlowKiller3808d ago

That has to be the best looking DS game,

speechless, cant wait

SpoonyRedMage3808d ago

It could be but it's facing tough competition from DQM: Joker and DQIX.

I can't wait for this game though.

AriesFury3808d ago

I will be getting this game

HelghastKid3808d ago

It looks good but it plays to slow.
I think BBS will be better.

Bnet3433808d ago

Doesn't look that good. I'll check it out anyway.

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