Sony Pictures: A Better Strategy

Tony @ Gamingvice

"Sony's strategy to use timed exclusivity on a game of Ghostbusters' magnitude is a missed opportunity.

In a round-about way Ghostbusters is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). The film was first distributed by Columbia Pictures in 1984 and the movie studio was acquired by Sony in 1989."

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XxZxX3813d ago

miss oppurtunity?? be glad they didnt make it really exclusive. Then you see more fanboy cry and shoot themselves.

ShabzS3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

i think terminal velocity would be the first to cry and kill themselves... they worked pretty hard on the game buy building a new engine from the ground up... they deserve to have their work be enjoyed buy all platforms like they had planned since the start of the development..

SpoonyRedMage3813d ago

I'm not bothered about them making it timed exclusivity but I don't think they should be exploiting their horizontal integration. Otherwise we'll turn the games industry into the film industry where it's very difficult for an independent studio to have a succesful film and even then the distirbutors take4 the profits.

Master-Baiter3813d ago

They should be maximising the money they can make!
Sony isn't M$
Sony have other money to make from films and TV shows.
If they make it all exclusive they're loosing out on money.
Like this writer said, they should let all consoles have it but make the Sony consoles best for them.