Champions Online: Millennium City Revealed

Cryptic Studios has unveiled new information and screenshots of Millenium City, home to the heroes in the upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

The new info sheds some light on the background of Millennium City, explaining how it became the high-tech metropolis it is now. 17 years ago, the evil Doctor Destroyer reduced Detroit to rubble, but the superheroes rebuilt it as an example of determination. It is now the home of the world's most powerful superteam, the Champions, along with other heroes such as Dr Silverback and Kodiak.

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Malfurion3811d ago

And there's more news... Can't believe there's still 2 months until the game's out!

AndyA3811d ago

I know, looking forward to this.

Dorjan3811d ago

WHy do the characters look like they've been super-imposed?

Maticus3811d ago

It's just the art style, there's a thick black line around everything, but you can turn it off it you don't like it!

Medievaldragon3811d ago

Finally. I like how they keep updating new stuff every week, rather than every 2-3 months.

Maticus3811d ago

When will the beta start? That's what I want to know!