Feed Your Console- IMHO: 5 Sega CD Games that deserve a reboot/sequel

Feed Your Console Says:
As someone who started playing games way back in the early-mid 80s, I've seen my fair share of awesome games and not so awesome. One of the things I try to pride myself on is a small yet entertaining collection of vintage games that I play on average of twice a year. These games span across various systems dating as far back as the NES. The following is a wish list of sorts of games that I truly love. I know there are plenty of others out there who enjoy these titles as much as me, and it's fairly evident of their rareness and quality when searching through eBay for them.

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Wizeguy213816d ago

You had to dig way back for this one! haha! But Lunar.. man Anything that got published from working designs! I love that company!

I'd Marry and have a kid with working designs..

Crazay3816d ago

Hahahah. Working Designs released quality product. Too bad they're gone now

Crazay3816d ago

One of the other series' that I absolutely loved was "Out of this World".