E3 Predictions: What We Expect To See From the Big Three

That Gaming Site writes: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has gone through a series of changes since 2006, revered by many to be the last great E3. It appears that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), who has been in charge of the show since its 1995 inception, has been listening because this year it promises a return to form. One of the biggest draws to E3 are the great reveals that appear at the individual manufacturers' press conferences. In fact, more and more it seems those are the only things not released to the press prior to the show. It's any person's guess what will be said at each conference, so below are our predictions from the big three."

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pangitkqb3811d ago

The inevitable reveal of certain 360 exclusives (cuz their announcement is long overdue)and whether or not Sony has any plans to cut the Price of the PS3.

As an owner of both systems I can't wait for the great things both companies will bring.

Lifendz3811d ago

Look, getting FFXIII for the U.S. was a bomb. Kudos to them for having a surprise up their sleeve. But that press conference sans FFXIII was horrible. 3rd party games, Lips, In the movies?

This year should be a little better since we'll at least get to see what the lineup is for the rest of the year.

Monchichi0253811d ago

I'm hoping both will happen.

But we kinda already know some of the exclusives they will announce. I'm thinking:
-Perfect Dark 3
-Killer Instincts
-Alan Wake
-Forza 3
-CrackDown 2

Also will get more info on Splinter Cell, Halo:ODST, motion sensing camera and more updates for Xbox LIVE!

(Wow writing all that down makes me realize how much MS is riding on this show! Can't wait!!!

Elven63811d ago

Right, Rare will probably be one of Microsoft's spotlight developer this year. Microsoft has really underused Rare, the studio is huge and has potential to be working on 4-5 projects simultaneously. A developer is a developer regardless of where they work, they just need the right motivation which hopefully Microsoft gives them.

Freak of Nature3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

What I want most...

Team ICO....

Oddworld's inhabitants next game (but that will have to wait until 2010 E3)...Unless we do get some pre-viz art at this show...

Beyond good and evil 2

Media Molecule's new IP and more LBP DC...

Uncharted 2

Kingdom hearts 3...

A new IP from Insomniac (how about that rumored Act/RPG platformer?)

Mr.Waters (BBC reporters mystery game)

Epics new IP


ratchet and Clank (ACIT)

Assassins creed 2

Rare to bring back that cigar smoking critter "Conker",and how about a cart racer? (yup really dreaming about the cart racer....)

Suckerpunch to announce a new SLY...

New Bungie IP

Peter jacksons halo Chronicles....

Kojimas's next game...

Rockstar's new IP (supposedly an exclusive,to what system not yet announced)

Naughty dog to unveil a new PS3 Jak (nope,I am not holding my breath on this one)

Sony Cambridge and London studios show their secret games...London's could be the BBC reporters mystery game or eye pet? Cambridge are doing LBP PSP,but have over 90 people at their studio,so perhaps a new Sir Drake game in the works too,or something in that genre?

Sony Liverpool announced an action/adv game,that was "great" (their words) almost two years ago...

Id's rage...

New details on PS3's Quantum theory...

I sure hope that at least 20 of these 25 titles show up alive and kicking...

ShabzS3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

enough with the vivata pinata and banjo tooie lets get some hardcore stuff already yah .. ooh and lionheads new IP also to look for

Aquanox3811d ago

What a misinformed article. It makes it looks as all MS had to show was Halo 3 ODST.

There are no confirmed dates of titles like Alan Wake, Forza 3, Splinter V and RARE games, but chances for all of them being shown at this E3, with a 2009 release date are very high. I can't believe they skipped every single one of them.

mastiffchild3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

To be honest I think they didn't just miss what MS will possibly have but were also short of space for the other two as well. For example this is the first site not to mention Trico and the Ninty stuff was beyond vague.

I expect a couple of Rare games and maybe some more NXE stuff from them too(PDZ2 and, hopefully a new IP or Conker? Can't see them bringing back KI right now with fighters being so out of vogue and Tekken6 coming), ODST, F3 and AW-all are probable really plus Lionhead and more casual type things as well-all that plus the touted motion controls and supporting software coud be reasonably expected. I don't think we'll see any Halo Chronicles stuff though, just can't see it as it's been sooo quiet on that front. Wouldn't rule out another FF13 type announcement either-a version of MGS4 or KH3 going to 360 either as a Multi or even exclusively are all possible nut, ultimately not as exciting as a new IP. Good stuff will arrive though you can bet on that.

Sony are different in that there's so much to show that they need to choose wisely and get the releases correct too. Team Ico, new IP from Insomniac, new Warhawk, BBC game, new Incogbito game-I could go on with those games that we know little of apart from knowing they're def coming as well as the expected GOW3, U2, MAG etc, etc. I'm hoping that Quantum theory is in a better shape now and can step outside of the Gears comparisons as Tecmo's decision interestes me. With PSPGO! rumours, PS3 slim ones, price cuts and damn motion controls again it's literally impossible to second guess Sony this year.

Ninrendo could be better as well this yar but I reckon it'll just be Motion Plus demos and I'll only really be happy if we do get the likes of a new Zelda, Pikmin, FZero, KI thrown in as well-though if the M+ is as good as they make out then who knows? Just so long as the software is better than it has been we'll all be happy.

I think I could go on all night with possibilities this year and sites have very little space to do predictions(which will only plague them if they're wrong in any case)so I think articles like these actually play down E3 rather than hyping it much.

EDIT:soz about me-too damn long and too many typos!(sticky keyboard again!)

spydersvenom3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Alan Wake is one of the few games mentioned by name in the article's prediction...just sayin'

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Elven63811d ago

It would be cool to see what Microsoft has lined-up as well as a PS3 price cut.

spydersvenom3811d ago

I agree with Lifendz in that I don't feel MS had all that great a showing, but I do remember a bunch of podcasts really impressed. Sony took the lead last year, IMO, but this year it's any man's guess. MS has very little we know about right now, which on the flip side puts a lot of pressure on them.

Elven63811d ago

It was close between Microsoft and Sony, although depending on your alignment that FF announcement was either huge or meh. I guess in a weird way it might not have the "system seller" effect Sony was hoping it would?

I personally know a few FF fanboys who despite using the Xbox 360 as their main console are getting 13 for the PS3. Not because of the disk issue but because their FF collections are largely PS dominant. :P

spydersvenom3811d ago

Agreed. FF XIII is a niche game that I still feel is predominantly PS-centric.

JeffGUNZ3811d ago

I still have a feeling we will see Alan Wake game play with a 2009 release date.

spydersvenom3811d ago

yeah, it's not an original idea but it's much less speculation than the other potential reveals

Myst3811d ago

These are just some of the things I'd like to see

+A showing of Monster Hunter Tri~ and where they stand now.
+Something dealing with white knight chronicles.
+Perhaps a localization of Demon's Souls (if they are indeed going to do it)
+More word on the successor to FFXI with Codename Rapture (haven't heard much and I would like to hear more or something. Especially since it is supposed to be something that can perform on PS3, 360 and PC).

Other than those few things I'll probably try to see most of it unless I get summoned/have to work.

Weed3811d ago

I'm hoping for Project Rapture info also. I couple months back EGM had a small article stating they would finally be unveiling it this E3. They best not be incorrect. I been wanting that game since its tech demo at fan festival.

Myst3811d ago

Agreed that may very well be the highlight for me, I loved and still love FFXI (still playing it) so definitely want to hear something on Rapture. I remember that last year from some Q & A sessions that it had a release date of 2009, I don't remember the exact season but I thought they said sometime in fall. Either way, hopefully some info will be released here if not TGS at least!

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