Borderlands: An Overview

Borderlands is a revolutionary game in that in incorporates, in my opinion, everyone's favorite gaming styles from RPG's, fighting, and first person shooters. This game has a groundbreaking new technology that allows Borderland's incredible layers of game play. Borderlands features a content generation system allowing for near-infinite variety in environments, enemies, missions, weapons, item drops, also vehicle and character customization. The system has a random generator to guarantee a new experience every time. It is said that you will never come across the same weapon twice or have the same experience twice. So for all of you that get used to the maps and try to memorize where the enemies are hiding, this game is not for you. With all of the different types of weapon upgrades, there will be more than half a million weapons available. The physics behind the programming are considered realistic and the rendering, from screenshots viewed and in my opinion, are extremely well done from this type and quality of the game. Rumors have also been spread that there is only one loading screen at the beginning to make available constant game play relating this to Far Cry 2.
This game is made for co-op play and will revolutionize the gaming industry with the random generator. This game has been stalled many times and we are all hoping it is worth the wait. I guess we will just have to drool over the trailers and screenshots awaiting this massive online co-op, 4 players vs., first person shooter that will guarantee a new form of game play.

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