Diehard GameFAN: Sunday X Magazine Review

To sum Sunday X Magazine up, the title finally gives PSP owners a taste of the manga crossover action that they previously missed out on with the Nintendo DS' Jump Superstars series. While the allure of playing as manga characters is the main ticket for the game, there is still a solid fighting game running underneath the hood. True to form with licensed games, the title has great presentation and the long list of unlockables and multiplayer sessions will have players glued to system.

The premise isn't wholly original, there are some animation issues during fights, the balance is slightly off at times and the replayability of the title feels forced, but anyone looking for a good import for the PSP can't go wrong with Sunday X Magazine, especially those who are fans of manga and/or fighting.

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Hiruma Youchi3811d ago

im going to order this game in a few weeks im tired of playing Bleach heat the soul 5.