Evil Avatar: X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The movie might have been lacklustre, the movie might have done a poor job with great source material and the movie might as well have never happened but gosh and golly do Raven Software know how to make great X-Men games."

The Good

* A better script and a more interesting story than that presented in the movie.
* The platforming and puzzle solving sections are significant and surprising in their quality.
* Plenty of variety, great boss battles and a combat system which supports free-form thinking as opposed to dedicated combo recitation.
* The New Orleans level and subsequent Gambit boss battle are outstanding.

The Bad

* A few of the level segments stretch on in a way as to obviously support more and more enemy encounters. This is where the repetition sets in.
* You'll have to retread ground and although the developers throw in new tricks it still feels like padding.
* The few glitches you may or may not experience break the game. You'll be back to the last checkpoint if an area doesn't stream quite right off of the DVD.

The Ugly

* Blob's sweaty gut.

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