inFamous on Playstation 3 Hands-On Impressions - PushSquare

PushSquare: "inFamous is a game that has been somewhat swept under the carpet; lacking the fanfare attributed to Killzone 2 and marred by the never-ending comparison to Prototype. Despite the commentary of the outside world though, Sucker Punch have been quietly moulding inFamous into a game worthy of discussion and certainly deserving of gamer's attention. inFamous may be late to the hype-train, but that certainly doesn't make it any less of an experience."

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DaTruth3811d ago

Is this 'Infamous' hands-on or 'Infamous' demo hands-on? Are they leading us to believe they've played the full game? If it's the demo they should say so, because the draw distances and pop-in may be different in the retail copy.

get2sammyb3811d ago

@ DaTruth - to clarify, this is not the demo. It's a version of the game SCEE sent us entitled "inFamous Taster April 2009".

We're not entirely sure whether this is final build or not, but it is certainly preview code and not the final review code.

Hope this helps.