Diablo 3 Skill Trees - New Talents Info

Bashiok have revealed there is a whole news Diablo III skill tree in development, where you will be able to see all skill trees at same time and you are not limited....

Please read more about Diablo 3 Talent trees....

Quote from Bashiok:
We're working with a modified skill tree system now of what we showed, under heavy testing and scrutiny. It's of course not final, the ideas it proposes are something we're happy with in their direction but they could very well change. In fact I would bet on them continuing to evolve.

So, the system we have now… you'll have to just picture it without any visual representation, sorry. They're not radically different visually except that the trees are all viewable at the same time. Taking the barbarian trees for instance (berserker, battlemaster, juggernaut) they're not tabbed now, but instead all viewable at the same time. Side by side.

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ElementX3815d ago

LOL when I first read the title I read it as "Diablo 3 Kills Trees". I was like WTF?

JohnnyMann4203815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

....unless you buy digital!

This game is going to literally fly off the shelves.. ok, not literally.

I predict trees will die!

orakga3815d ago

Has this guy played WoW at all? Or better yet, Diablo 2??

Someone help me out here, but I thought this was how Blizzard always did their talent trees.

smax3173815d ago

Before you would need certain prerequisite skills in order to obtain the later game skills and these were exclusive to a certain skill tree (or tab). For instance you can't get ice blast until you put a point in ice bolt and you couldn't get fireball until you point a point in fire bolt. In the new proposed skill tree you can get fireball by putting 5 skill points in ice bolt without having to invest anything in fire bolt... It sounds difficult in writing but I hope this helped ya.

orakga3815d ago

Sounds like they're actually giving the players more choices than before!

Ellessdee3815d ago

i always kinda hated diablo 2's skill trees, because id have to waiste points in skills i didnt care about to progress onto others that i did care about. now i wont have to worry about that problem. cant wait for D3, i hope we get a release date soon.

Nihilism3815d ago

i don't like the sound of it, in d2 you could just wait will whatever level the requirement is for a good skill and pump all your points into it..( with only one point for each of the prerequisites) but now you hacve to spend 5 on each tier whether you like it or long as theres passive skills on each tier though so points aren't wasted on skills u don't want then im happy

QQcrybaby3815d ago

Not really the case in D2 anymore because you have to spend loads of points on skills you don't want due to synergies. This system sounds a lot better and I guarantee there will be a bunch of passive skills. On top of that each tier will have a few good skills I'm sure.

Nihilism3814d ago

but the synergies were good, so even if you put it into skills do didn't want you would do it for the passive gain for the skills you do, say with bone spear, it costs alot of mana, and u wanna use it as your main attack ( more than melee even) so you pump points into teeth to make it do more damage and u don't even have to put that many points into bone spear, so it does good damage, but costs little mana because bone spear doesn't have many points into it