When did Nintendo Start Phoning In Sequels?

Kombo: Not too long ago, I wrote an editorial on how all the Mario titles, at least visually, are starting to run together due to recycled assets. I remember a time when Nintendo spent the time to polish and shine every game in their library to perfection. We all do because frankly, it wasn't that long ago. Every single installment in every franchise had its own identity. Any particular game may have been a franchise title, but it could stand as a timeless set piece of its own.

Take Majora's Mask for example. That game reused half of Ocarina's assets, but EAD went the extra mile to make positively sure that the game had its own emotional attachment, so you would like Majora, but in a completely different way than you did Ocarina. Fortunately for us, the Zelda franchise seems to still carry that level of care and attention to detail, but many of Nintendo's non-flagship brands aren't so lucky to get that treatment anymore."

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Shnazzyone3812d ago

I'll agree that Animal crossing was totally phoned in from the ds sequel but MK Wii? I'm sorry but while it had similar elements to the ds game such as the retro tracks it also had the motion trick system the motorcycles and a comprehensive online system that dwarfed the ds's by comparison. I really do not in any way shape or form consider the DS MK at all similar to the wii offering other then it's mario Kart.

As long os nintendo sequels contain quality as they always have i'll buy it... though animal crossing ain't my cup o' tea anyhow.

Xander-RKoS3812d ago

For one thing, they compare an adventure game like Majora's Mask to games that already have fixed mechanics like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

Any Zelda game can keep the same basic mechanics, while using new items, new story, etc. to achieve a very different goal than other Zelda games.

Mario Kart however, can't do that. There is only so much anyone can do. In fact, adding motorcycles and increasing the number of racers seems to be something they did to prevent people from thinking they just made a DS port. However, you can only change racing so much.

Animal Crossing is the same way. I still hate reviewers that got mad at City Folk when they said it was the same game as Wild World, because what aside from the more content they put in the game, they expected the formula for to be completely different, after they perfected in Wild World. There was just only so much anyone can do with that title without making it feel like a completely different game.