Champions Online: New Tunnelling Video

Cryptic has released a video on Tunnelling, a superhero way to get around in the upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

Players may choose tunnelling as a method of superhero travel instead of the more traditional flying, or even teleportation, jumping or the recently announced swinging. Tunnelling allows characters to burrow under the ground and pop up close to enemies without being detected as they approach.

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Medievaldragon3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

That's a very strange way of travel. I am assuming you get a very super-speed mode while underground based on what I saw on that video. It's funny how you can move up walls and canyons.

SCFreelancer3811d ago

I agree. I don't think I have seen this kind of travel before in an MMO, but why not :). I know that video made me laugh.

Rainstorm813811d ago

I planned on buying this game when it was Marvel Universe Online now im not too intersted.

Maticus3811d ago

You'd be missing a treat; Champions can't simply rely on renowned superheroes to keep it afloat like other games will, it has to fight hard to get players in and I think it will succeed.

It looks supurb so far.

Maticus3811d ago

More and more info comes out about this game every week - awesome!

SCFreelancer3811d ago

Tunnelling sounds like fun :) I am not sure if it is something a superhero should do though. It sounds like a "badguy" skill.

Malfurion3811d ago

I expect some people will enjoy playing their characters as evil!

Maticus3811d ago

Yes, by the look of the video you can make some pretty horrible-looking things that many will role play as evil I expect.

Fyzzu3811d ago

Eee that's really cool. So does that have actual gameplay effects then?

Malfurion3811d ago

Yeah a little trail of rubble shows where your character is, so cool. It's pretty fast travel too by the looks of it. And it has the added benefit of stealth :)

Redrudy3811d ago

Yep, I wonder if you can shoot at the burrow or the tunneller would be immune from attacks whilst under ground.

Maticus3811d ago

From the IncGamers hands on, I gather you will be invisible to other players while underground, so you'll probably be safe.

Dorjan3811d ago

Getting better and better this!