Edge Review: Deathsmiles

Edge: If there's a defining feature of Cave's many shoot 'em ups – beyond the holy triumvirate of complex scoring system, tiny player craft hitbox and millions of bullets on screen at any one time – it's colour, blossoming fireworks of lilac and lavender. While the image of the genre may be of spaceships and military/industrial landscapes, Cave's releases frequently cover more fantastical grounds.

Deathsmiles, for example, presents a Halloween theme and Gothic Lolita cast. Only the second ever horizontally-scrolling shooter to have been developed by the company, it nevertheless contains elements familiar to fans of its back catalogue. It also shares similarities with a style of shooter that's long fallen out of fashion: with multidirectional shots, the game turns into a cross between DoDonPachi and Capcom's classic Forgotten Worlds.

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